Columbus Tech Welcomes TCSG Commissioner Jackson

Columbus Technical College faculty and staff welcomed Ron Jackson, Commissioner of the Technical College System of Georgia, to their quarterly communications meeting on September 25, 2007. Mr. Jackson spoke on many topics, including budgetary challenges faced by the state’s technical college system. Pulling from Georgia’s own statistics, Mr. Jackson explained how the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) does more with less.

"There are six billion dollars (in Georgia) earmarked for grades K-12. There are about two billion dollars in state funding for the university system that serves about 250,000 students per year," Mr. Jackson said. "On the other hand, the Technical College System of Georgia receives about $373 million per year for 150,000 students."

September 25, 2007 – Commissioner of the Technical College System of Georgia,(TCSG) Ron Jackson, addresses the faculty and staff of Columbus Technical College at the school’s quarterly communications meeting. Seated in front row are (left to right) State TCSG Board Member Lee Lee James, CTC’s Director of Institutional Advancement Gloria Dodds, CTC’s Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Pam Kinney, and CTC President Bob Jones.

Ron Jackson says the state’s technical college system is a well-kept secret but that’s not a good thing. He feels it’s time the secret got out so future students and their parents will make technical college their first choice for postsecondary education. Part of vamping up the system’s image is its pending name change. Officially, the system is the Department of Technical and Adult Education (DTAE) but will soon change to TCSG. Georgia lawmakers will be reviewing proposals to make the change effective during the 2008 legislative session.