CTC Helps Restore, Replace Fencing Around Historic Cemetery

December 17, 2007 – What started out as a reported drunk driving accident in a stolen vehicle led to a great working relationship between Columbus Technical College and Historic Linwood Foundation, Inc. Some three years ago, a truck careened into a section of wrought iron fencing that surrounded part of Linwood Cemetery in Columbus resulting in about 50 feet of serious damage to the cemetery’s wrought-iron fence. When contacted by the Historic Linwood Foundation, Columbus Technical College agreed to repair and reconstruct the fence at no cost to the cemetery.

That project went so well that about a year later, Columbus Technical College was contracted to build, paint and install fencing along the upper end of the cemetery. Now-retired welding instructor Bobby Stringfellow oversaw the construction of the fence and the school’s automotive collision/repair department handled the painting process. This has been a long, arduous process – taking about two years – but it’s almost complete. Stringfellow says the hands-on training gained by the students has been worth both the wait and effort.

“It’s been fun,” Stringfellow said. “It’s really good experience. These guys have learned about not only building the fence panels but how to properly install them, how to run a line and make sure the fence is straight – despite obstacles in and above ground.”

December 17, 2007 – Sections of wrought-iron fencing wait to be installed at Linwood Cemetery. Columbus Technical College welding students (background) learn how to work an auger from a pro. The ground had to be properly prepared and clear of roots and other debris before installing the fence pieces.

The Columbus Technical College welding and automotive technology students have built and painted about 360 feet of fence. Each panel measures an average of six feet long. The last six sections of fencing will be built by students at Columbus Technical College next quarter (Winter 2008).

Linda Kennedy is the Executive Director of the Historic Linwood Foundation. She hopes to eventually be able to enclose the entire cemetery with wrought-iron fencing. If the funds are secured to pay for it, she says Columbus Technical College will be the first place she calls to get the job done.

For more information on the Historic Linwood Foundation, visit www.historiclinwood.org.