November 4-10 Marks Radiologic Technology Week

The week of November 4 – 10 is National Radiologic Technology Week. Hospitals in the Columbus area will recognize the week through special events in the radiology/imaging departments. One area hospital will be creating displays showcasing each of the Radiologic technology modalities so the public can become more familiar with each modality and what it contributes to diagnostic imaging. The hospitals will be bringing public attention to the technologists who work in their departments and will be honoring them with various activities throughout the week. Radiology students from Columbus Technical College will be participating in these events.

According to the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (, National Radiologic Technology Week is the time each year when these technologists celebrate the importance of medical imaging and radiation oncology.

During NRTW, radiologic technologists reaffirm their commitment to patient health, increase awareness about the profession and celebrate the importance of their contributions to the medical community. This year’s theme, “The Guiding Vision in Medicine,” recognizes those who explore and innovate on a daily basis the professionals who see inside the body to aid in healing the patient. A vital link in patient care, radiologic technology provides the means by which pathologies may be determined, treatment planned and administered, and patient health restored.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Radiologic Technology program at Columbus Technical College, email Program Manager Patricia Mansell at or call (706) 641-5277. You may also view the Columbus Technical College Radiologic Technology program information online at