TCSG Board Chairman Carl Swearingen Addresses Community

On Wednesday, November 7, 2007, the faculty and staff of Columbus Technical College enjoyed a visit with the Chairman of the Board for the Technical College System of Georgia, Carl Swearingen. Mr. Swearingen addressed a packed house of employees and students in the auditorium of Patrick Hall. More than 200 people were on hand to hear Mr. Swearingen talk about the technical college system today and its plans for the future.

“We’re the safety net,” Swearingen said. “When they (the students) fall down, we catch them.”

photo of Carl Swearingen
November 7, 2007: TCSG Board Chair Carl Swearingen addresses a full auditorium of Columbus Technical College faculty, students and staff.

Mr. Swearingen urged the crowd to embrace technology and look to the future when it comes to teaching styles and techniques. He encouraged teachers to “teach, learn and listen.”

photo of Carl Swearingen addressing the Rotary Club
November 7, 2007: The Rotary Club of Columbus listens to guest speaker TCSG Board Chair Carl Swearingen talk about the workplace environment in the Columbus area and the vital role Columbus Technical College plays in it.