HVAC Students Earn Scholarships

Thanks to Columbus Technical College business partner, The Grainger Foundation, three students in our HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning) program have extra money to help pay for their educational expenses. For the fourth consecutive quarter, The Grainger Foundation (www.grainger.com) has provided three students with $625 each. The funds may be used toward tuition, equipment, or any program-related need.

During Wednesday’ presentation, Grainger branch manager Brian Brock commented on how valuable these students are now and how they will remain that way in the future.

“I feel confident in knowing that when you leave here, you’ll have a great job waiting,” Brock said. “You won’t be outsourced to China or another country because we want to stay cool here!”

The Grainger scholarship process required each student to submit an application, write an essay stating why the HVAC program and earning the scholarship are important to them, and provide references.

Winner Jared White wrote, “Upon completion of this course I will have obtained skills necessary to troubleshoot, repair and replace AC units for automobiles, residential and commercial size units. In my opinion, the air conditioning-refrigeration technology course is goal-oriented, challenging and provides lifetime skills for students.”
Vincent Lee also earned $625 to help with his expenses. Lee wrote how proud he is to share his knowledge with others.

“I traveled to Harris County Middle School with my instructor to demonstrate the fundamentals of my craft and share my experience in the heating and air conditioning program,” Lee stated. “This was a great opportunity to stress the importance of education.”

Sharing in the winnings is HVAC student Christopher Burnett. His essay focused on preparing himself for the future and knowing the extra money will help him achieve his goals.

“The economic growth of trade industries has been slow the past few years but is now showing signs of increasing numbers,” he wrote. “With saying that, proper tools and equipment is a must. With the Grainger scholarship, I will be able to purchase the necessary tools and equipment in order to perform safe operations in our global environment.”

Congratulations to all these students and best wishes for their future endeavors. Starting this fall, the Grainger scholarship will be offered to students in other programs, including automotive, and will be awarded to four students, three times per year.

(left to right) Columbus Technical College HVAC instructor Caesar Davis, student Christopher Burnett, program manager Craig Oldenburg, student Jared White, student Vincent Lee, Grainger branch manager Brian Brock, and CTC Director of Institutional Advancement Gloria Dodds.