Recycling Importance/Effort Part of CTC Class

In an effort to incorporate an important social issue into her class’ curriculum, Columbus Technical College speech instructor Sherrie Gilbert decided to have her students put their recycling where their mouths are. As part of their “Class Speech Day,” Gilbert had the 18 students in her Fundamentals of Speech class give a group presentation on the importance of recycling. But Gilbert took the assignment one step further.

"In an effort to integrate our course goals with civic engagement, starting at the beginning of the quarter, my students and I commenced a recycling competition for plastic bags,” Gilbert said. “The bags will be donated to a local grocery store at the end of the quarter (June 21)."

During their presentation the students explained what can and cannot be recycled and how much is saved, both monetarily and environmentally, through recycling.

May 19, 2011: Fundamentals of Speech instructor Sherrie Gilbert (far left) poses with her students and the boxes of plastic bags collected for recycling since the beginning of the quarter.