First CTC Foundation Annual Campaign Exceeds Goal!

Columbus Technical College Foundation, Inc. is proud to announce its first annual campaign has been a huge success! The goal for the 2011 CTC WORKS annual campaign endeavor was two-fold. First, the campaign served as an important public awareness tool for Columbus Technical College and all it has to offer our great community. Secondly, there was the financial goal. It was not only met – but exceeded by more than 30 percent! 

Thanks to the leadership of its 2011 Chair Tracy Sayers of Pezold Management, commitments to the 2011 CTC WORKS annual campaign reached $132,000 surpassing the goal of $100,000!

“It was an honor to chair the Columbus Technical College Foundation’s initial annual fund campaign,” Sayers said. “Jack Pezold (owner of Pezold Management) has allowed me to help because CTC provides sustainable job skills to our community. The College continues to evolve by updating educational programs providing a workforce-ready community. Columbus has been generous and we exceeded our goal and look forward to using these funds to enhance student learning.”

The Aflac Foundation realized the importance of this campaign and how its success will help our community and, in classic fashion, the philanthropic-minded organization made the lead gift of $25,000 and challenged others to do likewise.

Vice President of Aflac and Columbus Technical College Foundation Board of Trustee member Vilma Salaverria said, “It is very rewarding to serve on the Foundation’s board and I am very pleased the Aflac Foundation could provide the lead gift for the 2011 CTC WORKS annual campaign.”

Columbus Technical College President Bob Jones is especially thrilled with the support of the Columbus community which allows the College to provide education and training of the workforce at the highest level.

Money from the campaign will help the CTC Foundation in its mission of supporting Columbus Technical College. State funds to the college are limited and, especially in the current budgetary climate, campaign fund-raising makes a huge difference in ensuring the success of our students and school as a whole. Columbus Technical College Foundation, Inc. helps sustain the college with unrestricted funds for:

  • Student Scholarships
  • Facilities Improvements
  • Faculty & Staff Support
  • State-of-the-art Computer/Laboratory Equipment
  • Library Acquisitions
  • Student Aid