Scholarship Named for Late Radiologist Helps Four Students

A scholarship honoring a late radiologist is helping secure the success of current students studying radiologic technology. The Aranas Scholarship is named after Columbus radiologist, Dr. Fred Aranas. Dr. Aranas died in a car accident in the late 1980’s but the scholarship ensures his memory has lived on ever since. The Aranas Scholarship is distributed to two first-year and two second-year students in the radiologic technology program at Columbus Technical College. The $1650 is maintained by the Columbus Regional Foundation and managed through the Columbus Technical College Foundation.

At a special presentation on Tuesday, the campaign director for Columbus Technical College Foundation, Inc., Buddy Merrill, handed out award certificates and $550 checks to each student; the amount will be the same for the next two semesters.  Winners of this year’s scholarship are first year students Michael Sandak and Barry Grissett and second year students Felisha Brown and Brittaney Carter. Brown also earned the scholarship as a first year student.

Campaign Director for the Columbus Technical College Foundation, Buddy Merrill (center), poses with winners of the 2012 Aranas Scholarship. Left to right are: Barry Grissett, Brittaney Carter, Merrill, Felisha Brown, and Michael Sandak.

In order to be considered for this financial award, the students must not only be in strong academic standing but must also complete an application packet which includes three recommendation letters. Congratulations to all the winners!