With Healthcare Careers, the Sky’s the Limit

Columbus Technical College respiratory care technology got a special treat Wednesday when a medical helicopter made its way to their back door. In an effort to teach his students about the virtually countless areas where healthcare professionals may be employed, Program Director Matt Dennis called in a favor to Air Evac asking if they could land their chopper on the upper parking lot of the Robert L. Wright, Jr. Health Sciences Center. The company gladly complied and the result was a really cool and eye-opening experience.

CTC respiratory care students were treated to a first-hand look at an Air Evac helicopter.

From left to right: Terrell McNair, Jimbo Wetherington, Emily Dozier, Kathy Roberts, Chasity Costlow, Lindsey Woodall, Kaylyn Qualls, Jessica Thomason, Jennifer Roberts, Ashley Stewart, Jaina Patel, and Kim Patrick. Air Evac Flight RN and paramedic Gary Metcalf is in the rear holding up “bunny ears.”

“I wanted them to learn about other career paths,” Dennis said. “Once they graduate with their degrees in respiratory therapy or nursing, or just about any healthcare program,¬†they don’t necessarily have to work in a traditional medical environment.”