CTC Sends Nearly 1,000 Cards to Hospitalized Soldiers

When Columbus Technical College chemistry instructor Alicia Anderson saw a story online about Georgia State University collecting 2,000 postcards to deliver to soldiers wounded in action, she thought “we can do that!” So she set the idea in motion. In just a few short days, Columbus Tech designed and printed hundreds of Holiday Mail for Soldiers postcards that were strategically placed around campus. Passers-by could write a short note and/or sign their names. On December 7, the cards were sent to a central location in Maryland where Red Cross officials there will distribute them to hospitalized servicemen and women. 

“We had a great response,” Anderson said. “All in all, Columbus Tech signed about 900 cards for soldiers.”

Organizers for the Holiday Mail for Heroes postcard drive pose with the stacks of cards signed by Columbus Tech faculty, staff, and students. Left to right are: Alicia Anderson/Chemistry Instructor, Amy Fenech Sandy/Dean of Sciences, and Carl Sandy/Surgical Technology Program Director.

Alicia Anderson’s  father was a career Navy man, earning the title of Commander by the time he retired so, understandably, she has a soft spot for the military. Anderson remembered watching news reports of American soldiers returning home from Vietnam and how those men and women were welcomed back with anger and resentment.

“I hope our military is never treated like they were back then. I just want to do my part to let these people know that they’re greatly appreciated,” Anderson said.