Carpentry, Cabinetmaking, Welding Students Build Holiday Cheer

There’s already been a Santa sleigh sighting in our area! That’s because students and faculty from Columbus Technical College’s carpentry, cabinetmaking, and welding programs took it upon themselves to build some holiday cheer in the form of a life size sleigh and reindeer. If you drive by the Manchester Expressway campus, you’ll see the festive fruits of a labor of love in front of Carl Patrick Hall.

Once the pieces were cut and designs were finalized, Santa’s sleigh and his reindeer took just under two weeks to construct.  Built by carpentry and cabinetmaking students, the sleigh measures 8 feet long by 4 1/2 feet wide while each of the nine (yes, Rudolph too!) reindeer measures 36″ x 42″.  Welding students and instructors added custom metal rails and a harness for the sleigh along with a special holiday greeting on the back.

Students and faculty from Columbus Tech’s carpentry, cabinet-making, and welding programs pose by their special holiday project. Pictured left to right are: Ricky Kopec/Welding, Daniel Cooper/Welding Lab Assistant, James Jones/Carpentry, Ronnie McBride/Welding Program Director, Gordon Unrein/Carpentry & Cabinetmaking Program Director, David Whitten/Carpentry Instructor, Gary Hatley/Cabinetmaking Instructor, Thomas Smith/Welding & Carpentry, DeMarcus Johnson/Cabinetmaking, Travis Johnson/Cabinetmaking, and Joseph Young. In the sleigh is Aaliyah Cooper, daughter of Daniel Cooper.

Carpentry and cabinetmaking program director, Gordon Unrein, says projects like these provide a great opportunity for his students to get more hands-on training while giving back to the community at the same time.

“We do a holiday project every year. We’ve built trains, dollhouses, and another sleigh that was donated to the Ronald McDonald House a few years ago,” Unrein said. “The students get to choose what to build and they really enjoy it. There was sawdust flying for about two and a half weeks getting the pieces ready!”

Ten students participated in this holiday project – one that all of Columbus can enjoy.