Surg Tech Student Earns $750 Scholarship

By being observant, patient, and clicking a mouse a few extra times, 23-year-old Columbus Tech Surgical Technology student Brittany Hudson found herself 750 dollars richer. Brittany was given an assignment by her instructors that included registering online to become a member of the Association for Surgical Technologists (AST). She was also tasked to write discussion questions about the organization and learn about continuing education units once started her career. As she was browsing and researching, a button on the website caught her eye.

“Under the ‘Students’ button, there was a ‘Scholarship’ button,” Brittany recalled. “I checked it out and applied for the Catherine Moore scholarship and I got it!”


Surgical technology student Brittany Hudson earned a $750 scholarship.

Brittany Hudson is one of 30 students who earned a scholarship through AST for the 2013 year. The extra 750 dollars in her bank account will be a welcome sight. After all, Brittany has been paying out-of-pocket for her college education. She hit a few bumps in the road which included losing HOPE money a few years back. She has slowly but surely been able to redeem herself. Ever since enrolling in the surgical technology program, she’s been hitting the books hard. And that’s not all.

“I attend clinicals throughout the week at Doctor’s Hospital from 6:00AM – 2:30PM,” Brittany said. “I also work full time at the St. Francis Hospital Emergency Room from 3:00PM – 11:00PM. I get roughly four hours of sleep a night – if I’m lucky! Then, I wake up and do it all over again the next day.”

Brittany is almost done with this crazy schedule. She is scheduled to take her certification exam on July 25 and will finish her coursework and be a certified surgical technologist with an associate’s degree as of July 30.

Best wishes and congratulations to you, Brittany. We’re proud of you!

The Catherine Moore Memorial Award is sponsored by the Georgia State Assembly.