CTC & Life-Saving Opportunities

Columbus Technical College is a “regular” when it comes to life-saving blood drives. Students, faculty, and staff are always willing to roll up their sleeves and give the gift of life. There will be another opportunity for this effort on Tuesday, June 10 from 10AM – 3PM in room 2200 of the Robert L. Wright, Jr. Health Sciences Center. To register, visit redcrossblood.org and use the sponsor code coltech.

Also on this date and time, there will be an additional chance to save a life – specifically the life of Frieda Wooley of Columbus.

Frieda suffers from Bone Marrow Failure Syndrome and is in dire need of a bone marrow transplant. The national non-profit organization Be The Match Foundation (www.bethematchfoundation.org) is helping coordinate the drive for Frieda.

Frieda Wooley

Frieda Wooley is in need of a bone marrow transplant.

The organization is especially in need of diverse registry members but before one can register and be part of the drive, he or she must be fully committed to:

  1. Donate to someone you don’t know.
  2. Keep your contact information current at BeTheMatch.org/update.
  3. Share your decision with family and friends so they’ll support you if called.
  4. Call us (Be The Match) back quickly if you are a patient’s possible match.
  5. Give a blood sample to see if you are the best match.
  6. Spend up to 20-30 hours spread out over 4-6 weeks to attend appointments and donate.