Saylor says Good-Bye to CTC Board; Retires from St. Francis Hospital

After five years of dedicated service as a member of the Columbus Technical College Local Board, Deborah “Debbie” Saylor is calling it a day. As of June 30, 2014, Saylor is now considered a retiree of St. Francis hospital and a former board member for the college. Since 2009, Debbie has provided input and insight in the goings-on of Columbus Technical College. Her previous life as a registered nurse was especially beneficial as the College designed and eventually opened its health sciences center on River Road. Debbie Saylor has a personal connection to two-year institutions of higher learning since earning her own associate degree in nursing several years ago. Serving on the local board for Columbus Technical College was a great way for her to give back to the community while learning about what the college provides for residents in its six-county service area.

Debbie Saylor shows off her Columbus Technical College plaque of appreciation for  five years of service as a local board member .

Debbie Saylor shows off her Columbus Technical College plaque of appreciation for five years of service as a local board member.

“I learned about the extensive efforts of technical colleges and what goes into providing a quality education to get people ready to join the work force,” Saylor said. “Columbus Tech focuses on the needs of the community which is a different, and very successful, approach.”

Debbie Saylor’s expertise was instrumental in standardizing the entrance requirements for clinicals (on-site, hands-on learning for students at various medical facilities).

Columbus Technical College president Lorette M. Hoover says Debbie Saylor will be sorely missed.

“Debbie is one of those people who you can just count on,” Hoover said. “She was always there as a sounding board and her insight into the needs of the healthcare community is second-to-none. We wish her nothing but the best on her retirement!”

Debbie also witnessed first-hand about how networking within the community strengthens the Columbus Technical College and, in turn, the college strengthens the community.

During Debbie Saylor’s tenure on the board, Columbus Technical College has made incredible strides including graduating more than 10,000 people, expanding its campus by 27 acres, adding the adult education and GED programs, and much more.

Best wishes to Debbie Saylor and thank you so much for your service.