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ACRP 2019 - Major Collision Repair Internship (0-18-3)

Provides occupation-based learning opportunities for students pursuing the Major Collision Repair specialization. Qualified professional technicians will mentor students as they experience working in the Automotive Collision Repair profession in an industry standard commercial repair facility or industry standard simulated on-campus facility. Topics include: conventional frame repair, unibody damage identification and analysis, unibody measuring and fixturing systems, unibody straightening systems and techniques, unibody welding techniques, unibody structural panel repair and replacement, conventional body structural panel repair, unibody suspension and steering systems, and bolt-on body panel removal and replacement.
Pre-requisites: All Required
ACRP 1000 - Introduction to Auto Collision Repair
Co-requisites: All Required
ACRP 2010 - Major Collision Repair
ACRP 2015 - Major Collision Replacements

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