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Counseling and Special Services

Counseling and Special Services provides a holistic array of counseling services for students. Counselors acknowledge each student at Columbus Technical College as being a unique individual. The staff within the counseling center value privacy of all students and does not release information without students’ written permission. The College observes an open-door policy; however, students can make appointments by contacting the Office of Counseling and Special Services located in the Hartline Building. Columbus Technical College does not provide professional psychological/mental health counseling. The staff will refer students to community-service agencies if necessary.

Counseling and Special Services staff members provide the following services:

  1. Identify career goals and abilities
  2. Explore programs and requirements
  3. Career/program decisions
  4. Admissions counseling
  5. Educational and personal life-skills counseling
  6. Grievance process
  7. Classroom/campus conflict resolution
  8. Health and wellness resources

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