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DMSO 2040 - Comprehensive ABD and OB/GYN Registry Review (2-0-2)

Provides a review of knowledge from previous courses and helps the student prepare for ARDMS national certification examinations for

sonography. Information concerning test taking skills is also reviewed. Topics include: patient care, preparation and technique;

instrumentation, normal pelvic anatomy; abnormal pelvic anatomy; extra-pelvic pathology associated with gynecology; pediatric sonography;

post menopause; infertility and endocrinology; first trimester; placenta, amniotic fluid, umbilical cord; second and third trimester; congenital

fetal anomalies; complications during pregnancy; fetal demise; coexisting disorders; HIPPA and patient care techniques utilizing a

professional sonographer; anatomy and physiology of abdominal structures, small parts, and superficial structures; patient preparation and

protocols for sonographic examination of abdominal structure; clinical indications, pertinent related diagnostic imaging procedures and

laboratory tests; sonographic technique and appearance of normal anatomic abdominal structures, small parts; characteristic sonographic

features and/or patterns of pathology in the abdomen, small parts; and instrumentation.

Prerequisites: DMSO 1050 , DMSO 1070 , DMSO 2010

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