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Local Board of Directors

A Board of Directors composed of members who are nominated for their positions by area industry and education officials governs Columbus Technical College. The State Board the Technical College System of Georgia selects and approves each member.

The Local Board of Directors' interprets state board policies and provides supplemental policies to ensure that the College meets the needs of citizenry, business, and industry in this service area to the highest degree and in the most cost-effective manner.

Local Board Members

David E. Fox Muscogee County, Columbus Georgia

Deborah L. Saylor Muscogee County, Columbus,Georgia

Brian A. Plemmons Muscogee County, Columbus,Georgia

John D. Pritchett, Sr. Quitman County, Georgetown,Georgia

Ben Richardson, Chair Muscogee County, Columbus, Georgia

Velma W. Bright Muscogee County, Columbus, Georgia



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