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NAST 1100 - Nurse Aide Fundamentals (6 credit hours/9contact)

Introduces student to the role and responsibilities of the Nurse Aide. Emphasis is placed on understanding and developing critical thinking

skills, as well as demonstrating knowledge of the location and function of human body systems and common disease processes; responding

to and reporting changes in a residents /patients condition, nutrition, vital signs; nutrition and diet therapy; disease processes; vital signs;

observing, reporting and documenting changes in a residents condition; emergency concerns; ethics and legal issues and governmental

agencies that influence the care of the elderly in long term care settings; mental health and psychosocial well-being of the elderly; use and

care of mechanical devices and equipment; communication and interpersonal skills and skills competency based on federal guidelines.

Specific topics include: roles and responsibilities of the Nurse Aide; communication and interpersonal skills; topography, structure, and

function of the body systems; injury prevention and emergency preparedness; residents rights; basic patient care skills; personal care skills;

and restorative care.

Prerequisite: Program admission

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