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PNSG 2330 - Medical Surgical Nursing Clinical III

This third clinical course, in a series of four medical-surgical clinical courses, focuses on clinical client care including using the nursing process, performing assessments, applying critical thinking, engaging in client education and displaying cultural competence across the life span and with attention to special populations. At the completion of the four part sequence of these medical-surgical clinical courses students will have completed a minimum of 375 hours of clinical experience including 300 hours of comprehensive medical-surgical, 37.5 pediatric and 37.5 mental health experiences. Topics include: health management and maintenance; prevention of illness; care of the individual as a whole; hygiene and personal care; mobility and biomechanics; fluid and electrolytes; oxygen care; perioperative care; immunology; mental health; and oncology. In addition pathological diseases, disorders and deviations from the normal state of health, client care, treatment, pharmacology, nutrition and standard precautions with regard to cardiovascular, hematological, immunological, respiratory, neurological, sensory, musculoskeletal, endocrine, gastrointestinal, urinary, integumentary and reproductive systems.

Prerequisites:Program Admission, PNSG 2220, PNSG 2320

Corequisites:PNSG 2230

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