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Refund Policy

Degree, Diploma, and Technical Certificate of Credit Programs

  1. The Business Office will process and pay all refunds within Fourteen (14) business days of the determination of validity after the 3rd day of class.
  2. Students that pay by charge card, when the refund is determined, will have their charge card credited in the amount of the refund once the credit card information is received in the Business Office.
  3. Students who cancel prior to the first day of class of a given semester will receive a 100-percent refund of all fees paid, excluding application fees.
  4. Students who cancel within three (3) consecutive calendar days, including holidays, from the first day of class for any semester will receive a 100-percent refund of fees paid. No refund will be given when students cancel after the third (3) day of the semester or if a formal written withdrawal is not submitted by students within the withdrawal period.
  5. The College may grant a 100-percent refund of professional liability insurance and other special fees if students have not entered that practical work area.
  6. The President or a representative may approve a 100-percent refund of all fees, regardless of elapsed time, when the situation requires special attention.
  7. Late fees, application fees, parking fees, and testing fees are not refundable, except under special circumstances.
  8. Students who drop classes with an NelNet agreement within the drop and add period, will receive their refund once the funds are returned to the school from NelNet.

Decrease in Credit Hours for Cash Paying Students (Drop)

  1. A full refund will be given during the first three days of the semester during the Drop/Add period to students who drop all classes.
  2. Students dropping a class who were registered for more than 15 credit hours are eligible for a refund of the difference between the total number of remaining hours up to 15 credit hours.

EXAMPLE: Student who registered for 17 credit hours and drops a 5-hour class and remains registered for 12 hours (total number of hours remaining) is eligible for a refund for 3 credit hours.

Continuing Education Non- Credit Programs

  1. Students must justify a request for refund in writing with their copy of the tuition receipt attached.
  2. The College must receive the request at least seven (7) days prior to the first day of class.
  3. The College will process and pay refunds within ten (10) days of receipt of request, except as noted above. The Business Office will pay all refunds by check only. For students who pay by charge card, the College will credit their charge card with the amount of the refund once it is approved, and the credit card information is received in the business office.
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