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Vision Statement

Columbus Technical College will be the regional college of choice, serving as the catalyst for building vibrant communities, improving economic well-being, and providing hope and opportunity.



We will maintain integrity through professionalism, confidentiality, ethical behavior, and being accountable and honest.


We have mutual respect for each other’s time, resources and different perspectives. We listen with empathy, work as a team, don’t take things personal, and adhere to policy and rules.  Everyone can contribute and give and receive feedback.

Philanthropy / Stewardship

We have a culture of philanthropy, stewardship and volunteerism where people give of their time, talents, and resources for student success and support community service. Resources are utilized in an efficient and effective manner and are shared for the good of the college and community.


We have an environment of collaboration, unity, and investment dedicated to the greater good of the college and the communities we serve.

Passion for Learning

We are dedicated to intellectual curiosity, a commitment to scholarship, personal and professional growth, and critical thinking that leads to lifelong learning.


We adhere to the highest standards of teaching and learning to facilitate success for all students in achieving their academic and occupational goals.

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