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Work Ready Assessment and Certification

The Georgia Work Ready initiative was launched in August 2006 to improve the job training and marketability of Georgia’s workforce and drive future economic growth for the state. This workforce development initiative assesses the "real world" skills of Georgia’s workers, provides valuable job training and helps companies reliably match the right people with the right jobs.

Work Ready measures skills that employers consider essential to success on the job. Having this credential, that is locally and nationally recognized, facilitates job placement, retention and advancement. This assessment and certification process provides our graduates with an objective view of their talents and areas that need to be improved in order to maximize their chances of having a successful career. Other advantages include:

  1. Building confidence that personal skills meet the needs of local employers.
  2. Ranking above other job applicants who have not demonstrated needed skills.
  3. Developing a better understanding of employer’s requirements for job performance.
  4. Determining skill improvements and training opportunities.
  5. Realizing opportunities for career advancement and promotions.
  6. Documenting an understanding of the skills employers need.

For more information on how to get your Work Ready Certification, call 706.649.1822 to schedule a Work Ready Assessment. For more information on Work Ready Certification, visit

The Community Education and Testing Center provides a wide range of services to job applicants and employers through a variety of programs.

The key to helping individuals is to measure their skills to see which skills need upgrading and which skills possessed are marketable. A key for employers is to have the assurance that people hired have the required skills. The Center provides the needed skills and matches them to employer requirements. The WorkKeys and KeyTrain systems enable the Center to provide work-based assessment of participants and tutorial services on applied math, language, and reading, along with other workplace skills required by employers.

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