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Writing Assessment Exam

Writing Assessment Exam

We want our students to succeed in their English classes, and success starts with placement in a class that meets a student’s individual needs.

The required Writing Assessment Exam (WAE) is a tool CTC students and faculty use to assure placement in the English course that will best allow them to build successful writing skills.

Who must take the Writing Assessment Exam?

• Students enrolling for the first time in ENGL 1101.

How is the Writing Assessment Exam score determined?

• Essays are scored by two trained, experienced faculty members who use a scoring guide that defines levels of performance on the essay.

The combined scores of the readers are totaled for the student’s reported WAE score, which falls between scores of 2 (low) and 12 (high).

• A student needs a WAE score of 8 or higher to register for ENGL 1101 (unless that student has taken ENGL 0090 and passed with an A*).

When must a student take the Writing Assessment Exam?

• Prior to registering for ENGL 1101.

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