Division of Business

Divison of Business offers an education experience, that not only provides students with an education, but also the perfect platform to launch their careers in accounting, business management, computer support and networking, criminal justice, early childhood, hotel restaurant tourism, human resource management, paralegal, and many other options.

Division of Business

Division of Business (Majors) Program length*


Accounting Degree AC13 5 semesters
Business Management Degree MD13 5 semesters
Computer Support Specialist Degree CS23 5 semesters
Criminal Justice Technology Degree CJT3
Early Childhood Care and Education Degree EC13
Human Resource Management Degree HR13
Networking Specialist Degree 6 semesters
Paralegal Studies Degree PS13 6 semesters


Accounting Diploma AC12 3 semesters
Business Management MD12 4 semesters
Computer Support Specialist Diploma CS14 4 semesters
Early Childhood Care and Education Diploma ECC2
Networking Specialist Diploma NS14 5 semesters


Certified Customer Service Specialist Certificate CC81 1 semester
Certified Life and Health Insurance Specialist Certificate CL11 2 semesters
Certified Microsoft Office Specialist Certificate CM61 2 semesters
Child Development Specialist Certificate CD61 1 semester
Criminal Justice Fundamentals CJ71 1 semester

Program Length* = Assumes regular admission and full time status.
*Programs on Hold
**Not open to the general public because the applicant must already be employed in a CNA to take the program.