Frequently Asked Questions

Applications and Competitive Admission 
Do I have to be an active student at CTC to apply for competitive admission into a program?

No, you do not have to be an active student at CTC to compete for program admission. Just make sure that official copies of all of your test scores and transcripts have been submitted to the admission office at CTC before the deadline application date for your program. Also, check the status of your transcript review to determine which courses have been accepted for transfer credit!

Do I have to complete the Health Care Assistant or Health Care Science  Program before I compete for my program of choice?

No, completion of Health Care Assistant/Health Care Science  program is not required.

Why is competitive admission necessary?

Programs have limited space due to mandated faculty/student ratio, classroom and lab facility space and clinical rotation availability. The Division of Health Sciences and Nursing evaluates all of these things continuously and accepts the maximum number of students for each program.

Can I compete for more than 1 program?

Yes, but if you are selected for two programs in one semester you must make an immediate decision and notify both program managers of your choice so that an alternate can be notified for the program you do not select.

What is a Letter of Intent?

The Letter of Intent is a form that must be submitted to indicate your desire to compete for a particular program. You can find the form on the web page with other forms. Complete the Letter of Intent and submit by mail or in person to the Division of Health Sciences and Nursing prior to the deadline for your program of interest.

When is my Letter of Intent due?

Due dates for the Letter of Intent and other required forms can be found with program information on the web page. Due dates for all programs are listed under Deadlines for Letter of Intent Application on the web page.

What do I need to submit with my Letter of Intent?

Check the program information page to determine what should be submitted by the deadline date!

What about the background check?

Entrance into any Health Science program is contingent on the completion of a Background Check and Drug Screen from H.I.R.E. Hospitals must approve all students entering clinical areas, and they require background checks on all students, employees and volunteers. We must comply with their requirement.

When will I know if I am accepted into a program? How will I be notified?

You will be notified by mail (so make sure we have your correct address) about one-two weeks after the semester ends. You will receive a letter if you are accepted or not accepted. The letter will include information and instructions about what you should do next.

If I don’t get accepted into my program this year will I be placed on a “waiting list” for next year?

No. We do not maintain “waiting lists”! You must apply for the program every time you want to be considered…new forms, etc.

I have taken all of the pre-requisite courses but cannot apply for the program this year. Can I take any other courses while I wait to apply next year?

Yes, and we strongly encourage you to do so! You may take any of the non-program courses listed in the curriculum sequence (such as HUMN 1101) while you wait. You may also want to investigate other short, certificate programs related to your program by speaking with an Academic Advisor.

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Prerequisites and Transfer Courses 
What courses do I have to take before I compete?

All prerequisite courses listed in the sequence table on the program information page must be completed before beginning program courses. These courses may be in progress on the deadline date for application submission for select programs only; in this event, grades will be reviewed prior to selection at the end of that semester. Check with an Academic Advisor is you have questions!

How do I transfer my courses from another college to CTC?

Contact the other college and request that an official copy of your transcript be sent to Columbus Technical College’s Admission Office. Follow up with our Admission Office after a couple of weeks to ensure that it has been received. Your transcript will be reviewed and you will receive notification by mail of approved credits.

I made a “C” in one of my pre-requisite courses. Can I re-take it for a higher grade?

Students will be given one opportunity to improve on a passing grade. For example, if a student makes a C on his/her first attempt, one re-take is permissible and the higher grade is used for ranking.
Students with the grade of D, F, W, WP,WF the first time will be allowed 1 re-take opportunity to make a passing grade. The student will then be given one opportunity to improve on a passing grade as stated above. The higher grade will be used for ranking. Note that Financial Aid may not pay for a class again once a student has passed with a “C” or better.

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Test Scores 
How many times can I take the Accuplacer test?

You will be allowed only one retest in the Reading and Writing sections after the required score is attained. Check with the Testing Center to determine when you can retest, but you are usually limited to one test in each section per semester. The highest score will be used to rank you for competitive admission.

I already have a degree. Do I have to take the Accuplacer?

Yes and No! You must at least have the Reading and Writing scores to compete. You will not have to take the Math sections if you transfer an acceptable Math course for your program. The Math course grade will be ranked for competitive admission.

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Program Costs 
Are there any scholarships available?

Various scholarships are offered throughout the year and students are notified in a timely manner. You can obtain a list of these scholarships from the financial aid office.

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Completing the Program 
Do you offer classes at night?

Most of the prerequisite and core courses are offered at night and many are offered on-line. Program courses are primarily offered only in the day time.

Will I be able to work while I go to school?

Maybe, depending on your course load and other responsibilities, but it is very difficult to work and maintain an acceptable GPA. We recommend that you do not work while you are in program courses, especially when long clinical hours are required.

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How will I get a job?

Many students are offered jobs while they are in the clinical rotations areas prior to graduation. Program Directors and other faculty members are notified of openings and will announce them to students. We offer job placement services as part of the CARE center on campus, P300, and they can be a great help when you begin your job search. They work closely with employers and the Department of Labor, so they know there the jobs are! Plus, they will help you with resumes and interviewing skills! Visit them before your last semester!