Division of Prof. & Tech. Services

In the Division of Professional and Technical Services our goal is to change students’ lives. Our instructors are dedicated professionals whose passion is to transfer their knowledge and skills to their students. In as little as one semester you can gain a certificate that qualifies you for skilled jobs. You can also start your education or continue your education by completing a diploma or a degree. For more information about our programs, contact our instructors or visit our programs on campus.

Dean of Division of Professional & Technical Services

Division of Professional & Technical Services (Majors) Program length*

Professional Services Diploma

Cosmetology, Diploma – CO12 5 semesters

Professional Services Certificates

Esthetician, Certificate – CE11 3 semesters
2 semesters
Nail Technician, Certificate – NT11 2 semesters
***Shampoo Technician, Certificate – ST11 1 semester
*Therapeutic Massage Therapist – TM11 3 semester

Technical Services Degrees

Automotive Technology, Degree – AT23 5 semesters
Drafting Technology, Degree – DT13 5 semesters
Engineering Technology, Degree – ET33 5 semesters
Industrial Systems Technology, Degree – IS13 5 semesters

Technical Services Diplomas

Air Conditioning Technology, Diploma – ACT2 4 semesters
Automotive Collision Repair, Diploma – ACR2 4 semesters
Automotive Fundamentals, Diploma – AF12 4 semesters
Automotive Technology, Diploma – AT14 5 semesters
Cabinetmaking, Diploma – CA12 4 semesters
Carpentry, Diploma – CA22 4 semesters
CNC Technology, Diploma – CT12 4 semesters
Drafting Technology, Diploma – DT12 4 semesters
Industrial Systems Technology, Diploma – IST4 5 semesters
Machine Tool Technology, Diploma – MTT2 4 semesters
Major Appliance Technology, Diploma – MAT4 4 semesters
Welding and Joining Technology, Diploma -WAJ2 4 semesters

Technical Services Certificates

Advanced Shielded Metal Arc Welder, Certificate – OSM1 1 semester
Air Conditioning Repair Specialist, Certificate – ACY1 2 semesters
Air Conditioning Technician Assistant, Certificate – AZ31 2 semesters
Automotive Electrical/Electronic Systems Technician, Certificate – AE41 1 semester
Automotive Transmission/Transaxle Technology Specialist, Certificate – AA71 2 semesters
Automotive Collision Repair Assistant I, Certificate – AB51 2 semesters
Automotive Climate Control Technician, Certificate – AH21 2 semesters
Automotive Refinishing Assistant I, Certificate – ARA1 1 semester
Automotive Refinishing Assistant II, Certificate – AP71 1 semester
Basic Machinist, Certificate – BM31 1 semester
Basic Shielded Metal Arc Welder, Certificate – FS31 1 semester
Cabinetmaking Assembly Technician, Certificate – CA11 1 semester
Cabinetmaking Installation Technician, Certificate – CI11 1 semester
Certified Construction Worker, Certificate – CCW1 1 semester
Certified Manufacturing Specialist, Certificate – CM51 1 semester
Drafter’s Assistant, Certificate – DA31 1 semester
Framing Carpenter, Certificate – FC71 1 semester
Gas Metal Arc Welder, Certificate – GM31 2 semesters
Industrial Construction I, Certificate – IC11 1 semester
Industrial Electrician – IE41 1 semester
Industrial Motor Control Technician, Certificate – IM41 1 semester
Site Layouts/Footings/Foundations, Certificate – SL11 2 semesters

Program Length* = Assumes regular admission and full time status.

*Contact Cosmetology Department

***Only open to dual enrollment students