Math Support Lab

The Math Support Lab is a FREE resource for all current Columbus Tech students and applicants. We will help you with your Critical Thinking and mathematical skills in any class. We provide one-on-one instruction in our center in Patrick Hall (room P-603).


Monday-Thursday 8am-8:30pm

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Math Support Lab Online Resources


Learning Support Center Resources for Accounting

Drills and quizzes for a wide range of topics

Excel tutorials and other tutorials

Quickbooks 2005 tutorial and other tutorials related to business

Anatomy & Physiology

Learning Support Center Resources for Anatomy & Physiology

Very good site for Anatomy & Physiology

A study partner in Anatomy & Physiology from McGraw Hill

* You need some extra software on your computer to use this website.

Color Images of Histological Sections

Virtual dissection of the fetal pig

Virtual Body program in Spanish and English


Learning Support Center Resources for Biology

Very good tutorials

Lecture outlines for college-level introductory biology

Recommended by one of our best biology instructors


Learning Support Center Resources for Chemistry

Interesting facts and activities

Periodic Table

Links to definitions and examples

Math COMPASS Test Preparation

Learning Support Center Resources for COMPASS Test Preparation

Chart Your Success on the COMPASS Test by Callahan, Commander, and Cotter. Available in the College Library.

Free practice tests

Critical Thinking

Learning Support Center Resources for Critical Thinking

Good source for explanation about critical thinking skills with a link to concept mapping

Excellent definitions of components of critical thinking skills

Many links to critical thinking skills topics

Many links for self-improvement in critical thinking skills

If a man will begin with certainties, he shall end in doubts. But if he will be content to begin with doubts he shall end in certainties.

— Francis Bacon


Learning Support Center Resources for Math

Great “Cheat Sheets & Tables”

Interactive with solutions to specific problems

Great practice!

Practice for math from college algebra to differential equations

Practice and links

Basic math in a fun way


Learning Support Center Resources for Microbiology

PowerPoint presentations

Lots of links to topics in general microbiology


Learning Support Center Resources for Pharmacology

No pharmacology resources online at this time.

Students may request assistance from the Math Support Lab.