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Advanced Placement/Transfer of Credit

For regularly admitted students who have earned credit from an accredited college or other educational institution that meets Columbus Technical College criteria for the institution, College staff will consider the coursework and the grade for advanced placement. The policy of this college is to grant credit for previous coursework from other institutions, as well as extra-institutional learning, that meets the quality of established standards of Columbus Technical College. Students receive credit in only areas that fall within the regular-curricular offerings of Columbus Technical College and that are related to the current educational goals of students.

Students must complete the coursework accepted for credit at an institution accredited by a postsecondary regional or national accrediting commission at the time of the completion. The College allows the following exceptions:

  1. Transfer credit from foreign institutions not accredited by a regional postsecondary accrediting commission.
  2. Transfer coursework completed at an institution accredited by an accrediting body recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.
  3. Credit for education accomplished in a non-collegiate setting that has been evaluated and recommended for credit by an organization generally recognized as an authority by the higher-education community.
  4. "Block" credit from non-degree-granting institutions accredited by an agency recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. When "block" credit is awarded, a designee of Columbus Technical College must review the "block" on a course-by-course basis to ensure that the previously stated requirements have been satisfied.

Columbus Technical College must have the following documentation in order to make exceptions:

  1. The awarded credit represents postsecondary coursework relevant to the degree with comparable and appropriate course content and level of instruction equal to that in the College’s program.
  2. Faculty credentialed to teach at the appropriate level taught the coursework.

Students must have passed the course with a minimum grade of "C," and the course must correspond in description, credit hours, and competencies to courses offered at Columbus Technical College. Some courses have a time limit for transfer; there is a five (5) year time limit on all computer courses.

A minimum of twenty-five percent (25%) of the course work must be completed at Columbus Technical to be awarded the credential from the institution. Columbus Technical College transcripts will indicate transfer of credit with a grade of "TR."

Columbus Technical College reserves the right to test the proficiency of students for coursework and extra-institutional learning to be transferred. Columbus Technical College reserves the right to disallow transfer credit if students cannot demonstrate acceptable proficiency.

Credit by examination, to include the course exemption exam and the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), is possible for advanced placement or course exemption. Hours earned by exemption exam count toward graduation requirements and will appear on the students’ transcripts with a grade of "EX." A course exempted by examination applies to the amount of transfer credit allowed. Students may attempt to exempt a course only once.

Applicants of Columbus Technical College who have extra-institutional learning that meets Columbus Technical College criteria and who request academic credit will be considered for advanced placement. Applicants will receive no credit until they have met the following requirements through the Office of Admissions prior to registration for new students:

  1. Admission into a Columbus Technical College program according to admissions policy.
  2. Documentation for the extra-institutional learning on file with the Office of Admissions at Columbus Technical College.
  3. An interview with the designated person in the Office of Admissions.
  4. The designated person will make a recommendation based on information and documentation provided. This documentation may be in the form of American Council on Education evaluations/recommendations, certificates and licensures, on-site proficiency exams, and employer endorsements.
  5. An admissions officer will consult with the Dean of the school for which the credit will be awarded and the Department Head of the program responsible for teaching the particular course(s) at Columbus Technical College.
  6. The Office of Admissions will forward to the students an unofficial copy of their Columbus Technical College transcript indicating the credit award.
  7. The College will place the relevant documentation in the students’ files.
  8. The credit award will be available to the faculty advisor through the computerized student-record system.
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