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AUTT 1070 - Automotive Technology Internship (0-12-4)

This elective course will provide the student with an opportunity to relate what they have learned in the classroom and lab to a real work situation either at a place of business or at a technical college. Under the supervision of an experienced ASE certified automotive technician or their ASE certified instructor, the student will receive a greater appreciation for the material learned in the classroom and lab. The internship will also serve the function of applying the lessons learned by the student to real work situations. The suitability of the work setting for an internship will be determined by a conference between the automotive instructor and the prospective employer. The student will have the option to intern at an approved place of employment or at their college. During the internship the student will perform live work that may include the duties of a service writer, parts department personnel, and technician. These duties may include writing the repair order, ordering parts, and repairing a vehicle. Students must work a minimum of 150 hours during the semester to receive credit for this course.

AUTT 1010, AUTT 1020, AUTT 1030, AUTT 1040, AUTT 1050, AUTT 1060

Program Manager Approval Only

Co-requisites: None

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