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BUSN 1047 – Financial Services Environment (3-0-3)

This course provides an introduction to financial services industries, products and global markets. It introduces essential skills of financial

management and provides students an understanding of critical economic factors and accounting principles. The course provides the basics

of investment policy and sources of capital. Students will develop and examine financial statements utilizing financial ratios and risk and return

analysis. Students will view the organizational structure of financial services organizations and learn the necessary employee skills needed to

be successful in a corporate environment. This 50 hour contact course is composed of the following modules: Module 1 Business

Organizations and Corporate Cultures, Module 2 Essential Skills in Financial Management, Module 3 Taxation and Depreciation, Module 4

Value of Money, Module 5 Valuation of Assets, Module 6 Cost of Capital, Module 7 Short and Long Term Capital Sourcing and Financing,

Module 8 Financial Planning, Module 9 Financial Statements and Ratio Analysis, Module 10 Introduction to International Finance, and Module

11 Financial Software and Internet Applications.

Prerequisite: None

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