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BUSN 2340 – Medical Administrative Procedures (4 credit/6 contact)

Emphasizes essential skills required for the medical office. Introduces the knowledge and skills of procedures for billing purposes. Introduces

the basic concept of medical administrative assisting and its relationship to the other health fields. Emphasizes medical ethics, legal aspects

of medicine, and the medical administrative assistant's role as an agent of the physician. Provides the student with knowledge and the

essentials of professional behavior. Topics include: introduction to medical administrative assisting, medical law, ethics, patient

relations/human relations, physician-patient-assistant relationship, medical office in litigation, medical records management, scheduling

appointments, pegboard or computerized accounting, health insurance, transcription of medical documents, and billing/collection

Prerequisites: ALHS 1011- Anatomy and Physiology

ALHS 1090 - Medical Terminology

BUSN 1440 - Document Production

COMP 1000 - Introduction to Computers

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