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Care Center

The Mission of the CARE Center is to facilitate student recruitment, preparation, engagement, retention, graduation, and completion of employment objectives. The CARE Center staff offers a comprehensive academic and personal support system designed to assist all students in successfully completing their chosen educational goals. All services are always free and staff schedules are designed to match student needs.

The CARE Center staff provides assistance in a wide variety of student support services, including:

  1. Problem Resolution Assistance - Provides personalized assistance with almost any problem affecting academic performance.
  2. Career Counseling Services - Provides tools for career planning and for conducting a job search. Career Services assists current and former students and graduates in obtaining employment by enhancing job readiness and employability skills and by helping students assess and redesign career paths. We provide Job Search Assistance by posting jobs on the student intranet, computer search assistance and Department of Labor partnership assistance. Services we offer include:
    • Resume Assistance and Evaluation
    • Interview Preparation
    • Career Exploration
    • Job Referrals
    • Computers for Student use
    • Career Fairs
    • Internet Access to Job Sites
    • Wage Inquiries
    • Career Counseling
    • Instructional Videos
    • Reference Materials
  3. Academic Counselor Services - Provides the opportunity to share concerns and questions with someone who is familiar with our college's administrative procedures and available resources.
  4. Success Links - Provides resources designed to help students with academic assistance, life skills, study skills and much more.
  5. The CARE Center Student Success Gateway is an ANGEL course that provides links for job search, career aptitude surveys, and other useful tools for students in help them succeed in their college career."
  6. Tech Support-Provide basic tech support for assistance with Banner Web, Angel, and Student Email.
  7. Provide assistance with computer logins to include Campus Network, Banner Web, Angel, and Student Email.
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