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Columbus Technical College Foundation, Inc.

The purpose of the Columbus Technical College Foundation, Inc. is to support and promote the College through three primary functions: advocacy, friend-raising/constituency building, and networking. Advocacy for the College includes promoting the College to the public, working to increase the College’s influence, and communicating the technical and adult education message. Friend-raising efforts seek to increase the College’s base of support, represent the College to constituents with influence and/or affluence, and provide information to constituencies. Networking enables trustees to share information, recognize each other’s achievements, become more aware of technical and adult education issues and resource-development opportunities, and benefit from associations with their peers across the region.

Executive Committee


Murray Solomon

Vice Chair

Jean Hartin


Jacki Lowe


Polly Bell

Past Chair

Al Hayes


Greg Allmendinger

Royce Ard

Philip Badcock

Bill Bell

Polly Bell

Tom Bode

Les Brown

Jim Crosse

Lance Duke

Mike Gaymon

Robert Granger

Cedric Hill

Herman Lewis

Joe Narde

Jane Nichols

Vilma Salaverria

Tracy Sayers

Kike Seda

Allen Taber

Gloria Weston-Smart

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