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Learning Support Grading

The Technical College System of Georgia adopted a redesign initiative for all Learning Support Classes in 2012. The initiative was adopted to increase successful completion rates, to increase on time graduation rates and to assist students with educational cost. The courses are taught using a modular approach allowing students to work at their own speed. This occurs in a classroom environment with instructors to assist students in problematic areas and monitor each student’s progress. The opportunity to offer small group mini-lectures is also available as needed. Due to the modular format, a special grading system is in place to track and record student progress from semester to semester. The Learning Support grade does not impact the GPA.

Explanation of the grading for all Learning Support (LS) 0090

MATH 0090


20% Attendance

80% Number of Modules Completed

0 Modules: 40%

1 Module: 50%

2 Modules: 60%

3 Modules: 70%

4 Modules: 80%

5 Modules: 90%

6 Modules: 100%

Students who exit Learning Support by completing Module 15 and the Level A Exit Exam are assigned a grade of A*, regardless of the number of modules completed that semester.

Students completing the module required by their credit level math course will exit Learning Support.  To indicate this the student will be assigned the appropriate test code in Banner (LSM1) reflecting their exit module and the date they completed the Level Exit Exam.

Exit Module

Exit Exam Passed


Credit Level Math Course


Level C


MATH 1012 or 1011


Level B


MATH 1013


Level A


MATH 1111 or 1100

•The student is no longer provisional in math.

•The student can now register for the appropriate Credit Level Math Course (Math 1012, Math 1011, Math 1013, Math 1100, Math 1111)

READ 0090

•Students in READ 0090 will take the Reading Portion of the Compass Exam/Asset Exit Exam.

•Students will receive an F* in the class until they achieve an appropriate Reading Score on the Compass/Asset Exit Exam.

•Students that achieve an appropriate Reading Score on the Compass/Asset Exit Exam will receive a A* in the class and with the appropriate English Compass score is now ready for ENGL 1010 for ENGL 1101 and is no longer provisional in Reading.

ENGL 0090

•Students will receive a letter grade that will reflect the quality of the body of work the student has produced and a number denoting the highest module completed.

•The letter grade should reflect the student’s final average in ANGEL using the weighted categories described above.

•A student who earns a grade of C or above will receive a 6 on SOATEST reflecting that the student has completed all 6 modules in the class and is ready to take ENGL 1101 or ENGL 1010.

•A student who earns a grade of D will receive a 5 on SOATEST reflecting the student has completed 5 of the 6 modules in the class and is ready to take ENGL 1010.

•A student who earns a grade of F will receive a 4 on SOATEST reflecting the student is still in module 4 or below and the student will have to retake ENGL 0090.

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