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MCHT 1013 - Machine Tool Math (2-3-3)

This course develops mathematical competencies as applied to machine tool technology. Emphasis is placed on the use of machining formulas by incorporating algebraic, geometric, and trigonometric functions. Topics include machining algebra and geometry, applied geometry, and applied trigonometry.
Pre-requisites: All Required
Provisional Admission
MATH 1012 - Foundations of Mathematics
Co-requisites: None

MCHT 1020 - Heat Treatment and Surface Grinding

Provides instruction in the setup, operations, maintenance, and assembly operations of surface grinders. Introduces the properties of various metals, production methods, and identification of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Topics include: heat treatment safety, metallurgy principles, heat treatment of metals, surface grinders, surface grinder maintenance, surface grinder setup, surface grinder operations, and safety.

Pre-requisites: All Required Program Admission Co-requisites: None

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