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State Board of Technical and Adult Education

Columbus Technical College operates under the policy and administrative control of the State Board of the Technical College System of Georgia. The State Board of the Technical College System of Georgia is responsible for establishing standards, regulations, and policies for the operation of the Technical College System of Georgia, the state’s 25 technical colleges, economic-development programs, and adult-literacy education programs. The Board strives to promote the economic well-being of Georgia citizens by ensuring high-quality training and upgrades of that training and services as a full partner in the expansion of Georgia’s economic base.

State Board Members

1st Congressional District

Mary Flanders


2nd Congressional District

Richard Porter


3rd Congressional District

Frank S. "Chunk" Newman


4th Congressional District



5th Congressional District

James F. Gingrey


6th Congressional District

Carl E. Swearingen


7th Congressional District

Michael L. "Sully" Sullivan


8th Congressional District

Ben I. Copeland, Sr.


9th Congressional District

Dinah C. Wayne


10th Congressional District

Trey Sheppard


11th Congressional District

Jay Cunningham


12th Congressional District

Tommy David


13th Congressional District

Tim Williams


14th Congressional District

Joe W. Yarbrough (Chair)



Z.Shaw Blackmon



Ben Bryant



Doug Carter



J.C. “Chris”Clark Jr.



Dr. Lynn Cornett



Sylvia E. Russell



Shirley Smith



W.Jackson Winter, Jr.


TCSG Commissioner

Ronald W. Jackson






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