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SURG 2030 - Surgical Procedures I (4)

Introduces the core general procedures, including the following: incisions; wound closure; operative pathology; and common complications as

applied to general and specialty surgery. Topics include: introduction to surgical procedures; general surgery and special techniques;

obstetrical and gynecological surgery; gastrointestinal surgery; genitourinary surgery; otorhinolaryngologic surgery; and orthopedic surgery.

((There are surgical procedures that are similar as far as procedural steps, instrumentation, supplies, patient position, etc. This is referred to

as the "Co-Related Procedures Concept." The purpose of using the Co-Related Procedures Concept is to provide the instructor additional

time to teach surgical procedures as well as avoid repetition.))

Prerequisites: SURG 1020,SURG 1010

Corequisite: none

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