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Weapons Policy

Columbus Technical College is committed to providing all employees, students, volunteers, visitors, vendors and contractors a safe and secure workplace and/or academic setting. The possession, carrying, or transportation of a firearm, weapon, or explosive compound/material in or on college buildings or property shall be governed by Georgia state law. All individuals are expected to comply with the related laws. Failure to follow laws pertaining to weapons is considered a violation of the Student Code of Conduct. Relevant Georgia laws to be aware of and compliant with include but may not be limited to:

O.C.G.A.§ 16-8-12(a)(6)(A)(iii)

O.C.G.A.§ 16-7-80

O.C.G.A.§ 16-7-81

O.C.G.A.§ 16-7-85

O.C.G.A.§ 16-11-121

O.C.G.A.§ 16-11-125.1

O.C.G.A.§ 16-11-126

O.C.G.A.§ 16-11-127

O.C.G.A.§ 16-11-127.1

O.C.G.A.§ 16-11-129

O.C.G.A.§ 16-11-130

O.C.G.A.§ 16-11-133

O.C.G.A.§ 16-11-135

O.C.G.A.§ 16-11-137

O.C.G.A.§ 43-38-10

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