Faculty and Staff

Coldfusion Test



Name Title Phone Office # Email
Abron, Cicely
Cicely Abron
Adjunct Math Instructor 706-649-1924 P-605 cabron@columbustech.edu
Agubra, Victor
Victor Agubra
Physics Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1736 P-605 vagubra@columbustech.edu
Agurto, Stephanie
Stephanie Agurto
Work Study 706-641-5239 ADM-151A sagurto@columbustech.edu
Alexander, Mary
Mary Alexander
Executive Assistant 706-649-1837 P-102A malexander@columbustech.edu
Alexander, Hannah
Hannah Alexander
Purchasing Coordinator 706-649-1811 ADM-202 halexander@columbustech.edu
Alexander, Gypsi
Gypsi Alexander
Purchasing Manager 706-225-0586 ADM-202 galexander@columbustech.edu
Allen, Bob
Bob Allen
Cabinetmaking Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1809 WW-113 ballen@columbustech.edu
Allen, Tamara
Tamara Allen
Enrollment Services Specialist 706-649-0521 ADM-155 tallen@columbustech.edu
Anderson, Alicia
Alicia Anderson
Chemistry Instructor 706-649-1736 P-605 aanderson@columbustech.edu
Andrews, Brandie
Brandie Andrews
Database Assistant 706-649-1015 P-110B bandrews@columbustech.edu
Antrobius, Rebecca
Rebecca Antrobius
ESL Adjunct Instructor 706-649-5626 L-616 rantrobius@columbustech.edu
Arnold, Ginger
Ginger Arnold
Adjunct Physics Instructor 706-649-1925 P-605 garnold@columbustech.edu
Ashmore, Alan
Alan Ashmore
Automotive Technology Program Director 706-649-1805 ADM-308 aashmore@columbustech.edu
Askew, Tara
Tara Askew
Vice President 706-649-1901 ADM-170 taskew@columbustech.edu
Atchley, Lana
Lana Atchley
Dentist Supervisor Adjunct Instructor 706-225-0566 WH-1507 latchley@columbustech.edu


Name Title Phone Office # Email
Bailey, Hattie
Hattie Bailey
Admin. Asst/Budget Specialist 706-641-5621 L-603 hbailey@columbustech.edu
Ballard, Cathrina
Cathrina Ballard
Campus Store Manager 706-225-0557 P-409 cballard@columbustech.edu
Ballard, Donna
Donna Ballard
Allied Health Sciences Instructor 706-225-0529 WH-3318F dballard@columbustech.edu
Banks, Tiffani
Tiffani Banks
Dental Hygiene Adjunct Instructor 706-225-0566 WH-3318H tbanks@columbustech.edu
Barfield, Ronald
Ronald Barfield
Air Conditioning Technology Lab Assistant 706-649-1839 ADM-304 rbarfield@columbustech.edu
Barnes, Stephen
Stephen Barnes
Custodial Services Worker 706-649-1936 P-305 sbarnes@columbustech.edu
Barnes, Thomas
Thomas Barnes
Chief of Campus Police 706-649-1933 P-206 tlbarnes@columbustech.edu
Bartee, Ricky
Ricky Bartee
Printing Technician 706-649-1835 ADM-160 rbartee@columbustech.edu
Bartee, Antonio
Antonio Bartee
Custodian 706-649-1936 P-305 abartee@columbustech.edu
Battle, Gloria
Gloria Battle
Part Time Librarian 706-649-1440 L-726 gbattle@columbustech.edu
Baucham, Monique
Monique Baucham
Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness 706-649-1304 P-411 mbaucham@columbustech.edu
Baxter, Jillian
Jillian Baxter
Music Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1924 P-603 jbaxter@columbustech.edu
Bean, Tonya
Tonya Bean
Operations Administrative Assistant 706-649-7511 APG Bldg-123 tbean@columbustech.edu
Beauford, Deana
Deana Beauford
SIA Program Manager 706-649-1454 5330 Transport Blvd. dbeauford@columbustech.edu
Belk, George
George Belk
Automotive Technology Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1805 ADM-308 gbelk@columbustech.edu
Bell, Elise
Elise Bell
Research Analyst 706-649-1305 P-411 ebell@columbustech.edu
Betancourt, Rafael
Rafael Betancourt
Student Tutor 706-225-0523 P-506 rbetancourt@columbustech.edu
Bethea, Erica
Erica Bethea
Interpreter 706-649-1553 ADM-163 ebethea@columbustech.edu
Betts, Saxony
Saxony Betts
Instructional Technology Librarian 706-225-0587 L-700 sbetts@columbustech.edu
Biggers, Carmel
Carmel Biggers
Tutor 706-641-4196 P-603 cbiggers@columbustech.edu
Bill, David
David Bill
Industrial Systems Technology Program Director 706-649-1819 WW-118 dbill@columbustech.edu
Billins, Tiffany
Tiffany Billins
Adjunct Speech Instructor 706-649-1924 P-605 tbillins@columbustech.edu
Bishop, Nolan
Nolan Bishop
Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1924 P-605 nbishop@columbustech.edu
Bishop, Betsy
Betsy Bishop
Marketing & Branding Manager 706-641-5685 P-122 bbishop@columbustech.edu
Black, Grace
Grace Black
Campus Police Captain 706-649-1933 P-206 gblack@columbustech.edu
Blair, Nancy
Nancy Blair
English Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1924 P-605 nblair@columbustech.edu
Boddie, John
John Boddie
Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1454 5330 Transport Blvd. jboddie@columbustech.edu
Boddie-Baker, Bridget
Bridget Boddie-Baker
Adult Education Adjunct Instructor 706-641-5620 L-611 bboddie-baker@columbustech.edu
Boney, Jewania
Jewania Boney
Adult Education Adjunct Instructor 706-641-5620 L-611 jboney@columbustech.edu
Borders, Andre
Andre Borders
Cashier 706-649-1310 ADM-154 aborders@columbustech.edu
Boynton, Susie
Susie Boynton
Payroll/Personnel Technican 706-649-1895 ADM-203 sboynton@columbustech.edu
Brazile, Amber
Amber Brazile
Dental Hygiene Instructor 706-225-0535 WH-3310 abrazile@columbustech.edu
Bridges, Nathan
Nathan Bridges
Criminal Justice Instructor 706-649-1154 PBD-1 nbridges@columbustech.edu
Brown, Rachel
Rachel Brown
Biology Adjunct Instructor 706-225-0531 WH-3111 rbrown@columbustech.edu
Brown, Jason
Jason Brown
Instructional Aide 706-649-1924 P-605 jlbrown@columbustech.edu
Brown, Eric
Eric Brown
Custodial Services Worker 706-649-1936 P-305 ebrown@columbustech.edu
Brown, James
James Brown
Adjunct Instructor 706-641-5114 P-405 jabrown@columbustech.edu
Brown, Tony
Tony Brown
Adjunct Professionalism Instructor 706-649-1924 P-605 tbrown@columbustech.edu
Buchanan, Timothy
Timothy Buchanan
Enrollment Services & High School Initiatives Director 706-649-0517 ADM-153 tbuchanan@columbustech.edu
Buckner, Tamechia
Tamechia Buckner
Administrative Assistant 706-649-1469 L-606 tbuckner@columbustech.edu
Burgan, William
William Burgan
Assoc. Dean of General Studies/Behavioral Sciences Division Chai 706-641-5114 P-405 wburgan@columbustech.edu
Burkhardt, Margaret
Margaret Burkhardt
CARE Center Director 706-649-1938 P-600 mburkhardt@columbustech.edu
Butler, Altheia
Altheia Butler
Tutor 706-641-4196 P-603 abutler@columbustech.edu
Byrd, Ezekiel
Ezekiel Byrd
Criminal Justice Adjunct Instructor 706-225-0584 PBD-1 ebyrd@columbustech.edu


Name Title Phone Office # Email
Cadogan, Jason
Jason Cadogan
Multimedia Producer 706-649-1430 P-122 jcadogan@columbustech.edu
Caldwell, Sernethia
Sernethia Caldwell
Adult Education Adjunct Instructor 706-641-5620 L-611 scaldwell@columbustech.edu
Caldwell, Kevin
Kevin Caldwell
Adult Education Adjunct Instructor 706-641-5620 L-611 kcaldwell@columbustech.edu
Calhoun, Termayne
Termayne Calhoun
Adult Education Adjunct Instructor 706-641-5620 L-611 tcalhoun@columbustech.edu
Callaway, Mary
Mary Callaway
Nursing Instructor 706-641-5678 WH-3100G mcallaway@columbustech.edu
Cameron, Mallory
Mallory Cameron
Advisor/Instructor 706-649-1951 P-152 mcameron@columbustech.edu
Carpenter, Beverly
Beverly Carpenter
Adult Education Adjunct Instructor 706-641-5620 L-611 bcarpenter@columbustech.edu
Carrizosa, Maria
Maria Carrizosa
ESL Intake Specialist 706-641-5626 L-616 mcarrizosa@columbustech.edu
Carroll, Kristi
Kristi Carroll
Financial Aid Technician 706-649-1460 ADM-151B kcarroll@columbustech.edu
Carter, Tiffany
Tiffany Carter
Work Study 706-641-5239 ADM-151A tcarter@columbustech.edu
Carter, Jameka
Jameka Carter
Work Study 706-641-5239 ADM-151A jcarter@columbustech.edu
Chambers, Amy
Amy Chambers
Allied Health Sciences Adjunct Instructor 706-225-0528 WH-3103 achambers@columbustech.edu
Chaney, Natasha
Natasha Chaney
Inventory Control Assistant 706-225-0586 ADM-202 nchaney@columbustech.edu
Chappell, Anthony
Anthony Chappell
Adult Education Adjunct Instructor 706-641-5621 L-611 achappell@columbustech.edu
Chester, Elaine
Elaine Chester
CARE Center Career Connections Coord 706-649-1055 P-600 echester@columbustech.edu
Chestnutt, Sam
Sam Chestnutt
Warehouse Manager 706-641-4081 APG Bldg-112 schestnutt@columbustech.edu
Chilkuri, Lea
Lea Chilkuri
Therapeutic Massage Adjunct Instructor 706-641-5647 WW-100 lchilkuri@columbustech.edu
Christian, Susan
Susan Christian
Diagnostic Medical Sonography Adjunct Instructor 706-225-0516 WH-3120C schristian@columbustech.edu
Clark, Turkisha
Turkisha Clark
Major Appliance Technology Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1851 WW-111 tclark@columbustech.edu
Clark, Latoya
Latoya Clark
Test Proctor 706-649-1531 L-606 lclark@columbustech.edu
Clarke, Shenna
Shenna Clarke
Library Assistant 706-649-1834 L-725 sclarke@columbustech.edu
Cochran, Sherry
Sherry Cochran
Cashier 706-649-1310 ADM-154 scochran@columbustech.edu
Coleman, Erzsebet
Erzsebet Coleman
Allied Health Sciences Adjunct Instructor 706-225-0526 WH-3308 bcoleman@columbustech.edu
Collier, Katrina
Katrina Collier
Adult Education Adjunct Instructor 706-641-5620 L-611 kcollier@columbustech.edu
Collins, Jennifer
Jennifer Collins
Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1454 5330 Transport Blvd. jcollins@columbustech.edu
Cook, Sharron
Sharron Cook
Dental Assisting Program Director 706-225-0532 WH-3309 scook@columbustech.edu
Cook, Angela
Angela Cook
Allied Health Sciences Adjunct Instructor 706--225-0526 WH-3306 acook@columbustech.edu
Cooper, William
William Cooper
Welding & Joining Technology Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1855 ADM-303 wcooper@columbustech.edu
Cooper, Don
Don Cooper
Management/Supervisory Dev. Adjunct Instructor 706-641-5245 P-127 dcooper@columbustech.edu
Cooper, Daniel
Daniel Cooper
Welding & Joining Instructor 706-649-1855 ADM-303 drcooper@columbustech.edu
Cooper, Elizabeth
Elizabeth Cooper
ESL Adjunct Instructor 706-641-5626 L-616 ecooper@columbustech.edu
Cooper, Alicia
Alicia Cooper
Esthetics Adjunct Instructor 706-225-0546 WW-109 acooper@columbustech.edu
Corey, Barbara
Barbara Corey
Workforce Investment Act Program Asst. 706-649-1856 ADM-156B bcorey@columbustech.edu
Cowart, Paul
Paul Cowart
Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1842 5330 Transport Blvd. pcowart@columbustech.edu
Cox, Robert
Robert Cox
Criminal Justice Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1154 PBD-1 rcox@columbustech.edu
Coy, Jerry
Jerry Coy
Technology Support Specialist 706-641-5604 P-413 jcoy@columbustech.edu
Craig, Jennifer
Jennifer Craig
Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1454 5330 Transport Blvd. jcraig@columbustech.edu
Creech, Matthew
Matthew Creech
Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1924 P-605 mcreech@columbustech.edu
Culverson, Elizabeth
Elizabeth Culverson
Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1524 P-605 eculverson@columbustech.edu
Cunningham, Christopher
Christopher Cunningham
Management/Supervisory Program Director 706-641-5013 P-127 ccunningham@columbustech.edu
Cutting, Sherri
Sherri Cutting
Adult Education Intake Specialist 706-641-5620 L-611 scutting@columbustech.edu
Cyprian, Leatha
Leatha Cyprian
Criminal Justice Instructor 706-225-0584 PBD-1 lcyprian@columbustech.edu
Cyrus, Kenneth
Kenneth Cyrus
Psychology Instructor 706-649-1914 P-605 kcyrus@columbustech.edu


Name Title Phone Office # Email
Dailey, Donna
Donna Dailey
Adjunct Professionalism Instructor 706-649-1924 P-605 ddailey@columbustech.edu
Daniels, Lanora
Lanora Daniels
Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1924 P-603 ldaniels@columbustech.edu
Dansby, Sylvia
Sylvia Dansby
Associate Registrar 706-649-1278 ADM-151E sdansby@columbustech.edu
Davis, Lottie
Lottie Davis
Adult Education Instructor 706-641-5620 PB-1 ldavis@columbustech.edu
Davis, Nartasha
Nartasha Davis
WIA Transition Coordinator 706-641-5620 Benning Hills ndavis@columbustech.edu
DeCurtis, Paul
Paul DeCurtis
Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1403 5330 Transport Blvd. pdecurtis@columbustech.edu
DePineuil, Karen
Karen DePineuil
Respiratory Care Technology Clinical Coord. 706-225-0504 WH-3315 kdepineuil@columbustech.edu
Decker, Kathleen
Kathleen Decker
Dental Administrative Assistant 706-225-0554 WH-1509 kdecker@columbustech.edu
Delbridge, Melinda
Melinda Delbridge
Sign Language Interpreter 706-649-1533 ADM-163 mdelbridge@columbustech.edu
Dennard, Charles
Charles Dennard
Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1469 L-611 cdennard@columbustech.edu
Dennis, Matt
Matt Dennis
Respiratory Care Technology Program Director 706-225-0506 WH-3314 mdennis@columbustech.edu
Dillon, Alyse
Alyse Dillon
Allied Health Sciences Adjunct Instructor 706-225-0526 WH-3308 adillon@columbustech.edu
Dixon, Roberta
Roberta Dixon
Adult Education Adjunct Instructor 706-641-5620 L-611 rdixon@columbustech.edu
Dixon, Annette
Annette Dixon
Math Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1924 P-605 adixon@columbustech.edu
Dobbins, Farrel
Farrel Dobbins
Financial Aid Technician 706-649-1859 ADM-151B fdobbins@columbustech.edu
Dollar, Martha
Martha Dollar
Radiologic Technology Program Director 706-225-0505 WH-3302 mdollar@columbustech.edu
Dorsey, Colanda
Colanda Dorsey
Health & Information Technology Adjunct Instructor 706-225-0527 WH-3103 cdorsey@columbustech.edu
Drayton, Eunice
Eunice Drayton
Administrative Assistant 706-649-1636 P-153 edrayton@columbustech.edu
Duke, Carol
Carol Duke
Anatomy Adjunct Instructor 706-225-0519 WH-3111 cduke@columbustech.edu
Dukes, Renita
Renita Dukes
Adjunct Instructor 706-225-0546 WW-109 rdukes@columbustech.edu


Name Title Phone Office # Email
Edgar, Tammy
Tammy Edgar
Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1590 L-611
Edmonson, Sherylene
Sherylene Edmonson
Cosmetology Instructor 706-649-1528 ADM-180 sedmonson@columbustech.edu
Edwards, Henry
Henry Edwards
Deputy Chief of Campus Police 706-649-1933 P-206 hcedwards@columbustech.edu
Edwards, Mickey
Mickey Edwards
Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1842 5330 Transport Blvd. medwards@columbustech.edu
Ehouse, Allison
Allison Ehouse
Manager 706-641-5611 A-203E aehouse@columbustech.edu
Eller, George
George Eller
Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1449 L-606 geller@columbustech.edu
Elliott, Heather
Heather Elliott
Adult Education Instructor 706-641-5620 L-611 helliott@columbustech.edu
Elmore, Charles
Charles Elmore
Math Instructor 706-649-1725 P-605 celmore@columbustech.edu
Emmons, Donna
Donna Emmons
Clinical Coordinator/Surgical Tech 706-641-5693 WH-2210 demmons@columbustech.edu
Evans, Joanne
Joanne Evans
Early Childhood Care & Ed. Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1636 P-153 jevans@columbustech.edu


Name Title Phone Office # Email
Feagins, Janice
Janice Feagins
Cosmetology Adjunct Instructor 706-649-0922 WW-110 jfeagins@columbustech.edu
Ferrell, David
David Ferrell
Biology Instructor 706-225-0519 WH-3110A dferrell@columbustech.edu
Fisher, Susan
Susan Fisher
Adjunct Instructor 706-225-0581 WH-3304 sfisher@columbustech.edu
Fleming, Linda
Linda Fleming
Enrollment Services Specialist 706-649-1800 ADM-153A lfleming@columbustech.edu
Fleming, Shakira
Shakira Fleming
Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1924 P-605 sfleming@columbustech.edu
Foreman, Phillipe
Phillipe Foreman
PBI Support Services 706-649-1589 P-600 pforeman@columbustech.edu
Foster, Rebecca
Rebecca Foster
Dental Hygiene Program Director 706-225-0533 WH-3311 rfoster@columbustech.edu
Francis, Marie
Marie Francis
Shipping/Receiving Coordinator 706-641-5247 APG Bldg-123 mfrancis@columbustech.edu
Francis, Brittney
Brittney Francis
Biology Adjunct Instructor 706-225-0531 WH-3111 bfrancis@columbustech.edu
Franko, Rain
Rain Franko
Biology Adjunct Instructor 706-225-0520 P-603 rfranko@columbustech.edu
Fry, William
William Fry
Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1924 P-405 wfry@columbustech.edu
Fuller, Carol
Carol Fuller
Department Chair Math Instructor 706-649-1730 P-605 cfuller@columbustech.edu
Funderburg, Tiffany
Tiffany Funderburg
Early Childhood Education Instructional Aide 706-649-1763 P-153 tfunderburg@columbustech.edu


Name Title Phone Office # Email
Gable, Stephanie
Stephanie Gable
Math Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1924 P-605 sgable@columbustech.edu
Gaines, Erica
Erica Gaines
Health & Information Technology Adjunct Instructor 706-225-0502 P-152 egaines@columbustech.edu
Gaither, Barbara
Barbara Gaither
Clinical Lab Manager 706-225-0552 WH-2210 bgaither@columbustech.edu
Gillen-Moon, Carrie
Carrie Gillen-Moon
Biology Adjunct Instructor 706-225-0520 WH-3310E cgillen-moon@columbustech.edu
Gillies, Michael
Michael Gillies
Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1924 P-603 mgillies@columbustech.edu
Gladish, Dani
Dani Gladish
Cosmetology Adjunct Instructor 706-225-0546 WW- 109B dgladish@columbustech.edu
Godwin, William
William Godwin
Computer Info Systems Adjunct Instructor 706-649-0545 P-127 wgodwin@columbustech.edu
Golden, Ronald
Ronald Golden
Maintenance Technician 706-649-1872 P-611 rgolden@columbustech.edu
Golden, Myrtice
Myrtice Golden
Custodial Services Worker 706-649-1936 P-305 mgolden@columbustech.edu
Golden, Renate
Renate Golden
Adult Education Instructor 706-641-5621 P-125 rlgolden@columbustech.edu
Gonzalez, Luisa
Luisa Gonzalez
Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1454 5330 Transport Blvd. lgonzalez@columbustech.edu
Gordey, Diane
Diane Gordey
Head Cashier 706-649-1750 ADM-156 dgordey@columbustech.edu
Gordon, Royal
Royal Gordon
Custodial Services Worker 706-649-1936 P-305 rgordon@columbustech.edu
Gosnell, Michelle
Michelle Gosnell
Nursing Adjunct Instructor 706-225-0541 WH-3103 mgosnell@columbustech.edu
Goterba, Gary
Gary Goterba
Printing Services Production Supervisor 706-649-1835 ADM-160 ggoterba@columbustech.edu
Graber, Quiteen
Quiteen Graber
Adult Education /ESL Adjunct Instructor 706-641-5626 L-616 qgraber@columbustech.edu
Granger, Keith
Keith Granger
Maintenance Supervisor 706-649-1872 P-611 kgranger@columbustech.edu
Graves, Cynthia
Cynthia Graves
Accounting Manager 706-649-1843 ADM-202 cdgraves@columbustech.edu
Grieger, Ann
Ann Grieger
Accounting Technician 706-649-1880 ADM-203J agrieger@columbustech.edu
Griffis, Angela
Angela Griffis
Allied Health-Adjunct Instructor 706-225-0540 WH-3108 agriffis@columbustech.edu


Name Title Phone Office # Email
Habersham, Jimmy
Jimmy Habersham
Computer Info Systems Adjunct Instructor 706-225-0583 P-152 jhabersham@columbustech.edu
Hall, Rena
Rena Hall
Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1454 L-614 rhall@columbustech.edu
Hampton, Hearker
Hearker Hampton
Major Appliance Repair Lab Assistant 706-649-1851 WW-111 hhampton@columbustech.edu
Hardman, Varonika
Varonika Hardman
Writing Support Lab, Coordinator 706-225-0576 P-602 vhardman@columbustech.edu
Harris, Felicia
Felicia Harris
Director of Academic Advisement Center 706-641-5032 P-200 fharris@columbustech.edu
Harris, Vernita
Vernita Harris
Computer Training Program Manager 706-649-7572 L-611 vharris@columbustech.edu
Harris, Jacqueline
Jacqueline Harris
Hotel/Restaurant/Tourism Program Director 706-641-5243 P-127 jharris@columbustech.edu
Harris, Maxine
Maxine Harris
Fiscal Operations Coordinator 706-641-5031 ADM-204 mharris@columbustech.edu
Harris, Lynn
Lynn Harris
Nursing Program Director 706-225-0541 WH-3103 lharris@columbustech.edu
Harrison, Reuben
Reuben Harrison
Adult Education Adjunct Instructor 706-641-5620 L-611 rharrison@columbustech.edu
Hartman, Andrew
Andrew Hartman
Computer Info Systems Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1683 P-127 ahartman@columbustech.edu
Harvey, Annette
Annette Harvey
Custodial Services Worker 706-649-1936 P-305 aharvey@columbustech.edu
Harvey, Linda
Linda Harvey
Adult Education Instructor 706-641-5621 P-125 lharvey@columbustech.edu
Haycock, Susan
Susan Haycock
Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1924 P-605 shaycock@columbustech.edu
Hayes, Tracy
Tracy Hayes
Academic Advisement Center Advisor 706-225-0555 P-200 thayes@columbustech.edu
Head, Sharon
Sharon Head
Cosmetology/Esthetics/Massage Therapy Program Director 706-225-0546 WW-109B shead@columbustech.edu
Hebert, Aaron
Aaron Hebert
Financial Aid Specialist 706-649-1045 ADM-151B ahebert@columbustech.edu
Helms, Mike
Mike Helms
Sr. Supervising Dentist/Instructor 706-641-5692 WH-3318J mhelms@columbustech.edu
706-641-5600 P-413
Henao, Vivian
Vivian Henao
Enrollment Services Specialist 706-649-1928 ADM-153 vhenao@columbustech.edu
Henshaw, Debbie
Debbie Henshaw
Financial Aid & Workforce Investment Act Assoc Vice President 706-649-1888 ADM-151 dhenshaw@columbustech.edu
Hensley, Kermelle
Kermelle Hensley
Associate VP for Enrollment Services/Registrar 706-641-5237 ADM-171 khensley@columbustech.edu
Hicks, Steve
Steve Hicks
Math Tutor 706-649-1924 P-603 shicks@columbustech.edu
Hill, Demetrius
Demetrius Hill
Workforce Investment Act Program Specialist 706-649-1139 ADM-156B dhill@columbustech.edu
Hiner, Joseph
Joseph Hiner
ESL Adjunct Instructor 706-641-5626 L-616 jhiner@columbustech.edu
Hinton, Kristin
Kristin Hinton
Nursing Instructor 706-225-0538 WH-3104 khinton@columbustech.edu
Hogan, James
James Hogan
Banner Database Administrator 706-225-0560 ADM-159 jhogan@columbustech.edu
Holland, Dee Dee
Dee Dee Holland
Administrative Assistant, PT Instructor 706-649-1924 P-605 dholland@columbustech.edu
Holley, Christine
Christine Holley
Adult Education Adjunct Instructor 706-641-5620 L-611 cholley@columbustech.edu
Hollingsworth, Susan
Susan Hollingsworth
Early Childhood Education Program Dir. 706-649-1636 P-153 shollingsworth@columbustech.edu
Holzmeister, James
James Holzmeister
English/Humanities Instructor 706-225-0585 P-311 jholzmeister@columbustech.edu
Hood, Patricia
Patricia Hood
Human Resources Executive Director 706-649-1883 ADM-203 phood@columbustech.edu
Hood, Esperanza
Esperanza Hood
Adult Education Adjunct Instructor 706-641-5620 L-611 ehood@columbustech.edu
Hoover, Lorette
Lorette Hoover
President 706-649-1837 P-102 lhoover@columbustech.edu
Hopson, April
April Hopson
Director of Adult Education 706-641-5694 L-603 ahopson@columbustech.edu
Howard, Ashley
Ashley Howard
Interpreter 706-641-5620 L-611 ahoward@columbustech.edu
Hudson, Alice
Alice Hudson
Admin Assistant for VPSA 706-649-1901 ADM-150 ahudson@columbustech.edu
Huling, Ralph
Ralph Huling
Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1924 P-605 rhuling@columbustech.edu
Hunt, Kelly
Kelly Hunt
Radiology Technology Adjunct Instructor 706-225-0505 WH-3303 khunt@columbustech.edu


Name Title Phone Office # Email
Isenberg, Yvonne
Yvonne Isenberg
ESL Adjunct Instructor 706-641-5626 L-616 yisenberg@columbustech.edu


Name Title Phone Office # Email
Jackson, Nicole
Nicole Jackson
School of Business Dean & Business/HR Management Program Directo 706-641-5245 P-405 njackson@columbustech.edu
Jackson, Rhonda
Rhonda Jackson
Management/Supervisiory Dev. Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1814 P-405 rjackson@columbustech.edu
Jain, Kris
Kris Jain
Enrollment Services Specialist/Recruiter 706-641-1164 ADM-153 kjain@columbustech.edu
Jakes, Glenda
Glenda Jakes
Custodial Services Worker 706-649-1936 P-305 gjakes@columbustech.edu
James, Katina
Katina James
Financial Services, Accounts Payable Assoc Vice President 706-649-1884 ADM-156B kjames@columbustech.edu
Johnson, Melody
Melody Johnson
Computer Support Specialist Program Director 706-649-1078 P-152 mjohnson@columbustech.edu
Johnson, Gloria
Gloria Johnson
Director of Institutional Advancement 706-649-1016 P-110 gjohnson@columbustech.edu
Johnson, Adolphus
Adolphus Johnson
Custodial Services Worker 706-649-1936 P-305 ajohnson@columbustech.edu
Johnson, Anthony
Anthony Johnson
Cabinetmaking Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1809 WW-113 agjohnson@columbustech.edu
Johnson, Charles
Charles Johnson
Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1924 P-603 ccjohnson@columbustech.edu
Joseph, Alexas
Alexas Joseph
Early Childhood Education Instructor 706-649-1636 P-153 ajoseph@columbustech.edu


Name Title Phone Office # Email
Kernodle, Christi
Christi Kernodle
Administrative Assistant 706-641-5128 P-300 ckernodle@columbustech.edu
Kes, William
William Kes
Machine Tool & CNC Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1829 WW-120 wkes@columbustech.edu
Kilpatrick, Dyana
Dyana Kilpatrick
School of Sciences Administrative Asst 706-225-0531 WH-3324 dkilpatrick@columbustech.edu
Kimbrough, Beverly
Beverly Kimbrough
Professional Education Worker 706-641-4196 P-603 bkimbrough@columbustech.edu
King, Daniel
Daniel King
Adult Education Adjunct Instructor 706-641-5620 L-611 dking@columbustech.edu
King, Elizabeth
Elizabeth King
Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1924 P-603 eking@columbustech.edu
King, Michael
Michael King
Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1842 5330 Transport Blvd. mking@columbustech.edu
Kirby, Jean
Jean Kirby
Coordinator, Education & Career Partnership 706-641-5665 A153-B jkirby@columbustech.edu
Kirk, Judy
Judy Kirk
Adult Education Adjunct Instructor 706-641-5620 L-611 jkirk@columbustech.edu
Klepper, Henry
Henry Klepper
Manufactoring Program Manager 706-649-1842 5330 Transport Blvd. hklepper@columbustech.edu
Knight, Pamela
Pamela Knight
Accounting Program Director 706-649-1853 P-125/P-123 pknight@columbustech.edu
Komendantov, Mark
Mark Komendantov
Application Development Specialist 706-641-5609 P-411 mkomendantov@columbustech.edu
Kreyling, Rebekah
Rebekah Kreyling
Writing Support Lab Tutor 706-649-1728 P-605 rkreyling@columbustech.edu
Kuhn-Kendrick, Charmette
Charmette Kuhn-Kendrick
English Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1924 P-603 ckuhn-kendrick@columbustech.edu


Name Title Phone Office # Email
Lamb, Michael
Michael Lamb
Vice President of Special Projects 706-649-1821 P-411 mlamb@columbustech.edu
Lane, Octavious
Octavious Lane
Custodial Services Worker 706-649-1936 P-305 olane@columbustech.edu
Lary, Cheryl
Cheryl Lary
Allied Health Sciences Adjunct Instructor 706-225-0526 WH 3304 clary@columbustech.edu
Lawhorn, Brittany
Brittany Lawhorn
Dental Hygiene Adjunct Instructor 706-225-0533 WH-3311 blawhorn@columbustech.edu
Lawrence, Gina
Gina Lawrence
Adjunct Instructor 706-225-0531 P-153 glawrence@columbustech.edu
Lawrence, Alicia
Alicia Lawrence
Adjunct Speech Instructor 706-649-1924 P-605 alawrence@columbustech.edu
Leonard, Julia
Julia Leonard
Custodial Services Worker 706-649-1936 P-305 jleonard@columbustech.edu
Leonard, Willie
Willie Leonard
Custodial Services Worker 706-649-1936 P-305 wleonard@columbustech.edu
Lessner, Joann
Joann Lessner
Part Time Librarian 706-649-1440 L-726 jlessner@columbustech.edu
Lewis, Ardena
Ardena Lewis
Shipping/Receiving Clerk 706-641-4047 APG Bldg-123 alewis@columbustech.edu
Lifsey, Sherry
Sherry Lifsey
Nursing Instructor 706-225-0543 WH-3100E slifsey@columbustech.edu
Lindsey, Brandy
Brandy Lindsey
Cashier 706-649-1950 P-409 blindsey@columbustech.edu
Lipham, John
John Lipham
Major Appliance Technology Program Director 706-649-1851 WW-111 jlipham@columbustech.edu
Little, Natashi
Natashi Little
PBI Support Services 706-649-5696 P-600 nlittle@columbustech.edu
Little, Joseph
Joseph Little
Auto Collision Repair Program Director 706-641-5698 ADM-305 jlittle@columbustech.edu
Lockhart, Ken
Ken Lockhart
Student Activities, PBI Student Success Ctr Director 706-649-1893 ADM-166 klockhart@columbustech.edu
Lockhart, Talisha
Talisha Lockhart
Student Loan Specialist 706-225-0558 ADM-151B tlockhart@columbustech.edu
Lopez, Heather
Heather Lopez
Therapeutic Massage Adjunct 706-641-5647 WW-100 hlopez@columbustech.edu
Lowe, Jonathan
Jonathan Lowe
Security Officer 706-649-1933 P-206 jlowe@columbustech.edu
Loyd, James
James Loyd
Vice President 706-649-1449 L-603 jloyd@columbustech.edu
Lubben, Timothy
Timothy Lubben
Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1924 P-603 tlubben@columbustech.edu
Lucas, Charles
Charles Lucas
Police Officer 706-649-1933 P-206 clucas@columbustech.edu
Luker, Cecelia
Cecelia Luker
Computer Info Systems Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1078 P-152 cluker@columbustech.edu
Lumbard, Trina
Trina Lumbard
Learning and Math Support Lab Coordinator 706-649-1887 P-405 tlumbard@columbustech.edu


Name Title Phone Office # Email
Maddox, Joyce
Joyce Maddox
Interpreter 706-649-1533 ADM-163 jmaddox@columbustech.edu
Madison, Robin
Robin Madison
Program Manager 706-225-0509 WH-3104 rmadison@columbustech.edu
Maharrey, James
James Maharrey
Math Lab Tutor 706-641-4196 P-603 jmaharrey@columbustech.edu
Mangum, Dana
Dana Mangum
Bookstore Assistant Manager 706-649-1950 P-409 dmangum@columbustech.edu
Mansell, Leslie
Leslie Mansell
Diagnostic Medical Sonography Adjunct Instructor 706-641-5680 WH-3120D lmansell@columbustech.edu
Marlowe, Jennifer
Jennifer Marlowe
Allied Health Sciences Adjunct Instructor 706-225-0526 WH-3308 jmarlowe@columbustech.edu
Marrero, Jose
Jose Marrero
Director of Special Projects 706-641-5682 ADM-203J jmarrero@columbustech.edu
Marshall, Nicole
Nicole Marshall
Registar Assistant 706-649-1857 ADM-151D nmarshall@columbustech.edu
Martin, Michael
Michael Martin
Networking Specialist Program Director 706-225-0583 P-152 mmartin@columbustech.edu
Massey, Lynda
Lynda Massey
Part Time Librarian 706-649-1852 L-726 lmassey@columbustech.edu
Mays, Joann
Joann Mays
Workforce Investment Act Program Coordinator 706-649-1408 ADM-156B jmays@columbustech.edu
McBride, Ronnie
Ronnie McBride
Welding & Joining Technology Program Director 706-649-1855 ADM-303 rmcbride@columbustech.edu
McBride, Betty
Betty McBride
Enrollment Services Assistant 706-649-1458 ADM-150B bmcbride@columbustech.edu
McCants, Uconda
Uconda McCants
Adult Education Adjunct Instructor 706-641-5626 L-611 umccants@columbustech.edu
McClain, Tanika
Tanika McClain
Adult Education Adjunct Instructor 706-641-5620 L-611 tmcclain@columbustech.edu
McCollum, Dennis
Dennis McCollum
Industrial Systems Technology Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1836 WW-118 dmccollum@columbustech.edu
McCord, Gayson
Gayson McCord
Webmaster 706-641-5605 P-413 gmccord@columbustech.edu
McCown, Alice
Alice McCown
Part Time Cataloging Librarian 706-649-1444 L-710 amccown@columbustech.edu
McCoy, April
April McCoy
Financial Aid Technician 706-649-1859 ADM-151B amccoy@columbustech.edu
McDaniel, Victor
Victor McDaniel
Math Lab Tutor 706-649-1924 P-603 vmcdaniel@columbustech.edu
McDole, Tiffany
Tiffany McDole
Administrative Assistant 706-225-0502 WH-3325 tmcdole@columbustech.edu
McGuire, Teresa
Teresa McGuire
Management & Supervisory Dev Instructor 706-641-5613 P-127 tmcguire@columbustech.edu
McIntire, Harley
Harley McIntire
Automotive Technology Adjunct Instructor 706-641-5012 ADM-308 hmcintire@columbustech.edu
McKenzie, Virginia
Virginia McKenzie
Interim Vice President Administrative Services 706-649-1854 ADM-202 vmckenzie@columbustech.edu
McKenzie, Windle
Windle McKenzie
Math Tutor 706-641-5689 P-605 wmckenzie@columbustech.edu
McKernan, Victoria
Victoria McKernan
Dental Assisting Instructional Aid 706-225-05 WH-3318I vmckernan@columbustech.edu
McKinney, Mitchell
Mitchell McKinney
Biology Instructor 706-225-0522 P-506 mmckinney@columbustech.edu
McNair, Jim
Jim McNair
Dean Division of Professional & Technical Services 706-641-4034 WW-110A jmcnair@columbustech.edu
McPherson, Demetrius
Demetrius McPherson
Custodial Services Worker 706-649-1936 P-305 dmcpherson@columbustech.edu
McQueen, LaChrista
LaChrista McQueen
Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1887 P-605 lmcqueen@columbustech.edu
Mellinger, Kristofer
Kristofer Mellinger
Custodial Services Worker 706-649-1936 P-305 kmellinger@columbustech.edu
Metcalf, Manford
Manford Metcalf
Industrial Systems Technology Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1877 ADM-160 mmetcalf@columbustech.edu
Middleton, Stephanie
Stephanie Middleton
Dean of Library Services 706-649-1929 L-709 smiddleton@columbustech.edu
Miess, Laura
Laura Miess
Practical Nursing/ Clinical/Adjunct Instructor 706-225-0502 P-153 lmiess@columbustech.edu
Mikell, Bronka
Bronka Mikell
Administrative Assistant 706-641-4196 P-603 bmikell@columbustech.edu
Miller, Tiffany
Tiffany Miller
Instructor 706-649-0604 P-125 tmiller@columbustech.edu
Mitchell, Alvin
Alvin Mitchell
Custodial Services Worker 706-649-1936 P-305 amitchell@columbustech.edu
Mobley, Neva
Neva Mobley
Human Resources Technician 706-649-1170 ADM-203 nmobley@columbustech.edu
Moore, Janice
Janice Moore
Cashier 706-649-1750 ADM-154 jmoore@columbustech.edu
Moore, Mary
Mary Moore
Adult Education Instructor 706-641-5620 L-611 mmoore@columbustech.edu
Morris, Ronald
Ronald Morris
Computer Info Systems Adjunct Instructor 706-225-0583 P-152 rmorris@columbustech.edu
Morway, Allison
Allison Morway
English Instructor 706-649-1734 P-311 amorway@columbustech.edu
Motley, Kenya
Kenya Motley
Machine Tool Technology Program Director 706-649-1450 L-725 kmotley@columbustech.edu
Moushon, Barbara
Barbara Moushon
Director of Certified Literate Communities Program 762-822-3297 P-102 bmoushon@columbustech.edu
Murphy, April
April Murphy
Science Support Lab Director 706-225-0523 P-506 amurphy@columbustech.edu
Murphy, Elizabeth
Elizabeth Murphy
Math Lab Tutor 706-641-4196 P-603 emurphy@columbustech.edu
Myers, Cheryl
Cheryl Myers
Executive Director 706-649-1290 P102B cmyers@columbustech.edu


Name Title Phone Office # Email
Nail, Cathy
Cathy Nail
Therapeutic Massage Instructor 706-641-5647 WW-100 cnail@columbustech.edu
Nash, Delishia
Delishia Nash
Enrollment Services Assistant 706-649-1847 ADM-155 dnash@columbustech.edu
Neal, Donald
Donald Neal
Supervisor Dentist Adjunct Instructor 706-225-0509 WH-3311H dneal@columbustech.edu
Neal, Edith
Edith Neal
ESL Adjunct Instructor 706-641-5626 L-616 eneal@columbustech.edu
Nelson, DeAndre
DeAndre Nelson
Custodial Services Worker 706-649-1936 P-305 dnelson@columbustech.edu
Nelson, Tekema
Tekema Nelson
Custodial Services Worker 706-649-1935 P-305 tnelson@columbustech.edu
Nelson, Cassidy
Cassidy Nelson
Allied Health Sciences Adjunct Instructor 706-225-0540 WH-3108 cnelson@columbustech.edu
Noland, Elizabeth
Elizabeth Noland
Allied Health Sciences Adjunct Instructor 706-225-0526 WH 3304 enoland@columbustech.edu
Noles, Leslie
Leslie Noles
Medical Assisting Program Director 706-225-0528 WH-3103 lnoles@columbustech.edu
Norred, Jonathan
Jonathan Norred
Information Systems Administrator 706-641-5601 P-413 jnorred@columbustech.edu
Norwood, Berneza
Berneza Norwood
Payroll/Personnel Technician 706-649-1818 ADM-203 bnorwood@columbustech.edu


Name Title Phone Office # Email
O'Keeffe, Brendon
Brendon O'Keeffe
Drafting Instructor Program Director 706-649-1877 ADM-160 bokeeffe@columbustech.edu
Oglesby, Emerald
Emerald Oglesby
Student Tutor 706-225-0523 P-506 eoglesby@columbustech.edu
Oldenburg, Craig
Craig Oldenburg
Air-Conditioning Technology Program Director 706-649-1839 ADM-304 coldenburg@columbustech.edu
Ostrander, Aaron
Aaron Ostrander
Air Conditioning Technology Instructor 706-649-1936 ADM-304 aostrander@columbustech.edu


Name Title Phone Office # Email
Padgett, Cheryl
Cheryl Padgett
Radiologic Technology Instructor 706-225-0514 WH-3303 cpadgett@columbustech.edu
Palmer, Diane
Diane Palmer
Criminal Justice Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1154 PBD-1 dpalmer@columbustech.edu
Parham, Charles
Charles Parham
Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1924 P-603 cparham@columbustech.edu
Patterson, Diwana
Diwana Patterson
Security Officer 706-649-1933 P-206 dpatterson@columbustech.edu
Patterson, Rhonda
Rhonda Patterson
Medical Assisting Adjunct Instructor 706-225-0528 WH-3103 rpatterson@columbustech.edu
Payton, Uraina
Uraina Payton
Allied Health Sciences Adjunct Instructor 706-225-0540 WH-3108 upayton@columbustech.edu
Pearce, Darren
Darren Pearce
Cosmetology Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1528 ADM-180 dpearce@columbustech.edu
Peoples, Kevin
Kevin Peoples
Research Assessment Specialist 706-641-5684 P-411 kpeoples@columbustech.edu
Perry, DaNita
DaNita Perry
Practical Nursing Instructor 706-225-0541 WH-3103 dperry@columbustech.edu
Perryman, Barbara
Barbara Perryman
Adjunct Instructor 706-641-5114 P-405 bperryman@columbustech.edu
Pierce, Portia
Portia Pierce
Library Assistant 706-649-1852 L-700 ppierce@columbustech.edu
Pitts, Tracee
Tracee Pitts
Adult Education Adjunct Instructor 706-641-5620 L-611 tpitts@columbustech.edu
Pitts, Lacey
Lacey Pitts
Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1924 P-605 lpitts@columbustech.edu
Pobbig, Dennis
Dennis Pobbig
Maintenance Supervisor 706-527-1848 APG Bldg-119 dpobbig@columbustech.edu
Polite, Minnie
Minnie Polite
Adult Education Instructor 706-641-5620 L-611 mpolite@columbustech.edu
Price, Gwendolyn
Gwendolyn Price
Custodial Services Worker 706-649-1936 P-305 gprice@columbustech.edu
Pritchett, Memorial
Memorial Pritchett
Accounts Payable Specialist 706-649-1205 ADM-203J mpritchett@columbustech.edu
Pryor-Sutton, Trecia
Trecia Pryor-Sutton
Retention Coordinator 706-649-7514 P-600 tpryor@columbustech.edu
Purvis, Drishun
Drishun Purvis
WIA One-Stop Resource Clerk 706-649-1589 Benning Hills Room #130/ Hartline #173 dpurvis@columbustech.edu


Name Title Phone Office # Email


Name Title Phone Office # Email
Ragan, Daniel
Daniel Ragan
Information Technology Coordinator 706-641-5602 P-413 dragan@columbustech.edu
Rhodes, Eddie
Eddie Rhodes
Allied Health Sciences Instructor 706-225-0510 WH-3318G erhodes@columbustech.edu
Richardson, Valerie
Valerie Richardson
Campus Life Coordinator/College Recruitment 706-649-1919 ADM-153 vrichardson@columbustech.edu
Ridgley, Regina
Regina Ridgley
Adjunct Sonography Instructor 706-641-4012 WH-3122 rridgley@columbustech.edu
Riggins, Channin
Channin Riggins
Custodial Services Worker 706-649-1936 P-305 criggins@columbustech.edu
Roach, Erlisha
Erlisha Roach
Financial Aid Assistant 706-649-1859 ADM-151B eroach@columbustech.edu
Robbins, Cathy
Cathy Robbins
Allied Health Sciences Adjunct Instructor 706-225-0526 WH-3308 crobbins@columbustech.edu
Roberts, Angie
Angie Roberts
Respiratory Care Adjunct 706-225-0504 WH-3314 aroberts@columbustech.edu
Rodgers, Carrie
Carrie Rodgers
Tutor 706-225-0576 P-600 crodgers@columbustech.edu
Rogers, Patricia
Patricia Rogers
Adult Education Instructor 706-641-5620 L-611 progers@columbustech.edu
Roper, Robert
Robert Roper
Math Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1924 P-405 rroper@columbustech.edu
Rose, Brian
Brian Rose
Information Technology Specialist 706-641-5600 P-413 brose@columbustech.edu
Rosen, Jacklyn
Jacklyn Rosen
Math Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1924 P-605 jrosen@columbustech.edu
Ross, Cynthia
Cynthia Ross
Adult Education Instructor 706-641-5620 L-611 cross@columbustech.edu
Rowell, Andre
Andre Rowell
Veteran Services Manager 706-641-5239 ADM-151A arowell@columbustech.edu
Ruiz, Shontee
Shontee Ruiz
Cosmetology Adjunct Instructor 706-649-0922 WW-100 sruiz@columbustech.edu


Name Title Phone Office # Email
Sandy, Carl
Carl Sandy
Surgical Technology Program Director 706-225-0518 WH-3316 csandy@columbustech.edu
Schorr, Leslie
Leslie Schorr
English Instructor 706-225-0551 P-605 lschorr@columbustech.edu
Scott, Devorine
Devorine Scott
Testing Services Manager 706-649-1896 ADM-150B dscott@columbustech.edu
Scott, Tara
Tara Scott
Early Childhood Education Instructor 706-649-0839 P-153 tscott@columbustech.edu
Scott, Vanessa
Vanessa Scott
Adm. Assistant / Writing Lab 706-649-1728 P-602 vscott@columbustech.edu
Segars, Corrine
Corrine Segars
Math Instructor 706-649-1735 P-605 csegars@columbustech.edu
Seifu, Abiye
Abiye Seifu
Physics Adjunct Instructor 706-225-0531 WH-3110E aseifu@columbustech.edu
Shaw, Michele
Michele Shaw
Faciliator & Protor 706-649-1558 L-606 mshaw@columbustech.edu
Shawley, Brenda
Brenda Shawley
Custodial Services Worker 706-649-1936 P-305 bshawley@columbustech.edu
Shenk, Stephen
Stephen Shenk
Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1924 P-603 sshenk@columbustech.edu
Shepard, Rebecca
Rebecca Shepard
Adjunct Instructor 706-641-5114 P-405 rshepard@columbustech.edu
Shorey, Sandra
Sandra Shorey
English Instructor 706-225-0574 P-605 sshorey@columbustech.edu
Short, James
James Short
Special Populations Coordinator 706-641-5646 ADM-162 jshort@columbustech.edu
Short, Erica
Erica Short
Math Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1924 P-605 eshort@columbustech.edu
Sigman, John
John Sigman
Supervising Dentist Adjunct Instructor 706-225-0566 WH-1507 jsigman@columbustech.edu
Simpkins, Jessica
Jessica Simpkins
Project Coordinator 706-641-5265 L-611 jsimpkins@columbustech.edu
Sizemore, Jacqueline
Jacqueline Sizemore
Adult Education Adjunct Instructor 706-641-5620 L-611 jsizemore@columbustech.edu
Sloop-Campbell, Crystal
Crystal Sloop-Campbell
Adult Education Adjunct Instructor 706-641-5620 L-611 csloop-campbell@columbustech.edu
Smith, James
James Smith
Math Instructor 706-649-1927 P-605A jsmith@columbustech.edu
Smith, Angela
Angela Smith
Custodial Services Worker 706-649-1936 P-305 asmith@columbustech.edu
Smith, Tonia
Tonia Smith
Administrative Assistant 706-649-7511 WW-123 tsmith@columbustech.edu
Smith, Michelle
Michelle Smith
Lab Coordinator 706-641-5695 WH-3112 michelles@columbustech.edu
Smith, Margaret
Margaret Smith
Accounts Payable Specialist 706-649-1863 ADM-203J msmith@columbustech.edu
Smith, Maketa
Maketa Smith
Nursing Instructor 706-225-0508 WH-3106 maketas@columbustech.edu
Smith, Berthenia
Berthenia Smith
Nursing Instructor 706-225-0542 WH-3100G bsmith@columbustech.edu
Smith-Shannon, Nicole
Nicole Smith-Shannon
Accounting Technician 706-649-1310 ADM-156 nsmith-shannon@columbustech.edu
Smith-Wood, Jennifer
Jennifer Smith-Wood
Adult Education Adjunct Instructor 706-641-5620 L-611 jsmith-wood@columbustech.edu
Spivey, Cecelia
Cecelia Spivey
Computer Info Systems Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1078 P-152 cspivey@columbustech.edu
St. John, Richard
Richard St. John
Engineering Technology Program Director 706-649-1825 WW-122 rstjohn@columbustech.edu
Stafford, John
John Stafford
Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1469 L-611 jstafford@columbustech.edu
Stehman, Anthony
Anthony Stehman
Carpentry Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1809 WW-113 astehman@columbustech.edu
Stephens, Oprah
Oprah Stephens
Transition Specialist 706-641-5625 L-611 ostephens@columbustech.edu
Stewart, Berton
Berton Stewart
Political Science Instructor 706-641-5612 P-605 bstewart@columbustech.edu
Stravelakis, Jonathan
Jonathan Stravelakis
Department Chair English Instructor 706-649-1275 P-605 jstravelakis@columbustech.edu
Street, Kathy
Kathy Street
Allied Health Sciences Adjunct Instructor 706-225-0526 WH-3308 kstreet@columbustech.edu
Striblin, Lori
Lori Striblin
Practical Nursing Instructor 706-225-0537 WH-3103 lstriblin@columbustech.edu
Strickland, Amy
Amy Strickland
Business Adjunct Instructor 706-641-5244 P-125 astrickland@columbustech.edu
Summerell, Howard
Howard Summerell
Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1469 WW-119 hsummerell@columbustech.edu
Summers, Wade
Wade Summers
Technical Support Specialist 706-641-5603 P-413 wsummers@columbustech.edu


Name Title Phone Office # Email
Tate, Ken
Ken Tate
Computer Info Systems Adjunct Instructor 706-649-0545 P-125 ktate@columbustech.edu
Tatum, Denishia
Denishia Tatum
Practical Nursing Instructor 706-225-0540 WH-3106 dtatum@columbustech.edu
Taylor, Angela
Angela Taylor
Accounting Manager/Bursar 706-649-1926 ADM-154 ataylor@columbustech.edu
Taylor, Tamu
Tamu Taylor
Computer Info Systems Adjunct Instructor 706-649-7572 L-611 ttaylor@columbustech.edu
Teachey, Paulette
Paulette Teachey
Criminal Justice Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1154 PBD-1 pteachey@columbustech.edu
Tefft, Bobby
Bobby Tefft
Anatomy Adjunct Instructor 706-225-0531 WH-3111 btefft@columbustech.edu
Thomas, Paquita
Paquita Thomas
Security Officer 706-649-1933 P-206 pthomas@columbustech.edu
Thomas, Karen
Karen Thomas
Vice President Administrative Services 706-649-1813 ADM-205 kthomas@columbustech.edu
Thompson, Brian
Brian Thompson
Air Conditioning Technology Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1839 ADM-304 athompson@columbustech.edu
Thompson, Roger
Roger Thompson
Custodial Supervisor 706-649-1936 P-305 rthompson@columbustech.edu
Thorne, Allison
Allison Thorne
Administrative Assistant 706-641-5660 WH-3100F athorne@columbustech.edu
Thorne, Mark
Mark Thorne
Dean School of Health Sciences 706-225-0501 WH-3304 mthorne@columbustech.edu
Thornton, Melanie
Melanie Thornton
Vice President of Academic Affairs 706-649-1845 P-405 mthornton@columbustech.edu
Tindall, Jeffery
Jeffery Tindall
Maintenance Technician 706-649-1872 APG Bldg-119 jtindall@columbustech.edu
Tinnell, Pamela
Pamela Tinnell
Dental Hygiene Adjunct Instructor 706-225-0534 WH-3318K ptinnell@columbustech.edu
Trammell, Bentavious
Bentavious Trammell
Student Activities Assistant 706-649-1589 ADM-173 btrammell@columbustech.edu
Turk, Lora
Lora Turk
Receptionist 706-649-1113 P-200 lturk@columbustech.edu


Name Title Phone Office # Email
Underwood, Yuvette
Yuvette Underwood
Veteran Services Certifying Official 706-649-1458 ADM-151A yunderwood@columbustech.edu
Unrein, Gordon
Gordon Unrein
Carpentry & Cabinetmaking Program Director 706-649-1809 WW-113 gunrein@columbustech.edu


Name Title Phone Office # Email
Valentin, Pedro
Pedro Valentin
Pharmacy Technology Instructor 706-225-0524 WH-3318D pvalentin@columbustech.edu
Vannoy, Dana
Dana Vannoy
Writing Lab Tutor 706-225-0549 P-602 dvannoy@columbustech.edu
Vidal-Kendall, Olive
Olive Vidal-Kendall
Counseling & Special Services Director 706-649-1442 ADM-161 ovidal-kendall@columbustech.edu
Vinson, Timothy
Timothy Vinson
Welding & Joining Technology Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1805 ADM-166 tvinson@columbustech.edu


Name Title Phone Office # Email
Waldon, Cynthia
Cynthia Waldon
Cosmetology Lab Assistant 706-649-1528 ADM-180 cwaldon@columbustech.edu
Waldrep, Greg
Greg Waldrep
Paralegal Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1814 P-127 gwaldrep@columbustech.edu
Walker, Janett
Janett Walker
Adult Education Adjunct Instructor 706-641-5620 L-611 jwalker@columbustech.edu
Walker, Miranda
Miranda Walker
Cosmetology Instructional Aide 706-649-1528 ADM-180 mwalker@columbustech.edu
Walkinshaw, Camille
Camille Walkinshaw
Part-time Librarian 706-649-1852 L-700 cwalkinshaw@columbustech.edu
Wall, Wendy
Wendy Wall
Lab Coordinator 706-641-5699 WH-3301 wwall@columbustech.edu
Ward, Candace
Candace Ward
Academic Advisor Center Advisor 706-649-1746 P-200 cward@columbustech.edu
Washington, Priscilla
Priscilla Washington
Adult Education Adjunct Instructor 706-641-5620 L-611 pwashington@columbustech.edu
Waters, Karen
Karen Waters
Math Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1924 P-605 kwaters@columbustech.edu
Waye, Crystal
Crystal Waye
Management/Supervisory Dev. Program Director 706-641-5669 P-127 cwaye@columbustech.edu
Webb, Eddie
Eddie Webb
Financial Aid Specialist 706-649-1462 ADM-151B ewebb@columbustech.edu
Webb, Cherroyle
Cherroyle Webb
Adjunct Speech Instructor 706-649-1924 P-605 cwebb@columbustech.edu
Whipple, Dawn
Dawn Whipple
Adjunct Instructor 706-649-1924 P-605 dwhipple@columbustech.edu
Whitaker, Jan
Jan Whitaker
Adult Education Adjunct Instructor 706-641-5620 L-611 jtwhitaker@columbustech.edu
Whitaker, Kimberly
Kimberly Whitaker
Radiologic Technology Clinical Coordinator 706-225-0514 WH-3302 kwhitaker@columbustech.edu
Whitaker, Nikikki
Nikikki Whitaker
Instructional Aide 706-649-1809 WW-113 nwhitaker@columbustech.edu
White, Stephen
Stephen White
Speech Instructor 706-649-1753 P-605 swhite@columbustech.edu
Wilkes, Kelli
Kelli Wilkes
English/Humanities Instructor 706-641-5691 P-605 kwilkes@columbustech.edu
Williams, Judith
Judith Williams
Radiologic Technology Adjunct Instructor 706-225-0505 WH-3303 judithw@columbustech.edu
Williams, Tiffany
Tiffany Williams
Work Study 706-641-5239 ADM-151A twilliams@columbustech.edu
Williams, Philandria
Philandria Williams
Adult Education Instructor 706-641-5621 WH-3203 plwilliams@columbustech.edu
Williams, Tiwauna
Tiwauna Williams
Adjunct Professionalism Instructor 706-649-1924 P-605 tiwilliams@columbustech.edu
Willis, Evelyn
Evelyn Willis
Circulation/Interlibrary Loan Manager 706-649-1445 L-727 ewillis@columbustech.edu
Wills, Addie
Addie Wills
English Instructor 706-649-1749 P-311 awills@columbustech.edu
Wilson, Tommy
Tommy Wilson
Vice President 706-649-1894 APG Bldg-123 twilson@columbustech.edu
Wilson, Irene
Irene Wilson
Administrative Assistant 706-649-1403 L-603 iwilson@columbustech.edu
Wilson, Patrea
Patrea Wilson
Computer Info Systems Instructor 706-649-1683 P-152 pwilson@columbustech.edu
Wilson, Joseph
Joseph Wilson
Academic Advisor Center Advisor 706-641-5032 P-200 jwilson@columbustech.edu
Wimberly, Jamall
Jamall Wimberly
SIA Program Coordinator 706-649-1838 5330 Transport Blvd. jwimberly@columbustech.edu
Winchester, John
John Winchester
Adult Education Adjunct Instructor 706-641-5620 L-611 jwinchester@columbustech.edu
Wood, William
William Wood
Pharmacy Technology Program Director 706-225-0512 WH-3317 wwood@columbustech.edu
Wood, Sarahann
Sarahann Wood
ESL Instructor 706-649-1267 L-616 swood@columbustech.edu
Woyke, Mary
Mary Woyke
Adult Education Data Specialist 706-641-5622 L-603 mwoyke@columbustech.edu
Wright, Donte
Donte Wright
Police Officer 706-6491933 P-206 dwright@columbustech.edu


Name Title Phone Office # Email


Name Title Phone Office # Email


Name Title Phone Office # Email
Zurita, German
German Zurita
Adult Education Instructor 706-641-5620 PB-1 gzurita@columbustech.edu