Center for Teaching Excellence

Kermelle Hensley

The mission of the Center for Teaching Excellence at Columbus Technical College is to foster, promote, and train professional educators in the art and science of teaching.

Kermelle D. Hensley, Ed.S., CFD
Associate Vice President of
Enrollment Services

Specifically, the Center will:

  • Promote a community of faculty where the theory and practice of teaching and learning are valued, shared and sustained
  • Provide leadership in the discussion, development, and implementation of teaching and learning in an online environment with attention to the varied perspectives of administration, faculty and students
  • Provide resources and assistance that fosters the professional growth of faculty as teachers (particularly in ways that impact student learning)
  • Encourage strategies that engage students in active learning such as collaborative activities, group and cooperative learning
  • Provide both support and guidance for instructors and academic schools to develop, implement, and assess instructional approaches, methods, and delivery
  • Foster innovation and creativity in teaching
  • Promote the appropriate integration of instructional technology into the classroom to support effective teaching and enhance student learning
  • Orient new faculty to the Columbus Technical College teaching experience which includes training on instructional processes such as BANNER, registration, and ANGEL, as well as acclimation to the culture of teaching at the College and formal rules and procedures which must be followed by faculty
  • Provide opportunities for development that impacts the professional growth of faculty


  1. Conduct and facilitate workshops and other faculty interactive sessions targeted to improve the quality of instructional skills.
  2. Offer faculty and staff web-based tutorials on various applications.
  3. Create a supportive network that will provide faculty a conduit for information to improve their teaching and scholarship.
  4. Assist faculty in using technology to enhance the teaching and learning process.
  5. In collaboration with the Dean of Instructional Support Services, provide faculty with the web development support they need to put their instructional materials online.
  6. Provide faculty and staff with the web development support they need to support the scholarship of teaching.
  7. Support faculty and staff with up-to-date information about available technologies relevant to instruction.
  8. Support faculty and staff with up to date information on the impact technology is having on the scholarship of teaching.
  9. Serve the college community in providing industry and technology trend information to inform decisions regarding the initiation of new programs, the revision of programs’ curricula or the expansion of program curricula.
  10. Coordinate training for staff and faculty on campus supported computer applications (i.e. BANNER).
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