What Assets to Give


Cash gifts are the most convenient way of supporting the College and having the benefit of an immediate impact on the College and its students. Checks made out to Columbus Technical College Foundation, Inc. can be directed as restricted or unrestricted.


An opportunity to make larger gifts is possible by spreading payments over a five year period while potentially maximizing tax effectiveness.

Matching Gifts programs

Many corporations have matching gifts programs that multiply the value of gifts from their employees, officers, and retirees. Typically, matching gift forms are available from the company.

Stocks and Bonds

Stocks, bonds, or other securities that have appreciated in value offer tax advantages. Marketable securities are deductible to the extent of their market value on the date of the gifting and are subject to the usual charitable gift limitations.

Real Estate

Donations of tangible property or real estate may be of great value to the College. Consultation with the Executive Director of the Foundation is required to assure usefulness of the gift.

Life Insurance

Life insurance can provide the opportunity to make a substantial gift. A policy that is no longer needed for its original purpose may be transferred to the Foundation. New policies naming the Foundation as a beneficiary may be developed as a part of long term planned giving.