For Everyone

For Everyone

Are you considering taking an online class and not sure what distance learning skills you need to be successful?

Are you currently in an online class and feel that you have not mastered the distance learning skills to effectively learn what your instructor is presenting?

If you are in either of those categories, you might be interested in a special service from the College, Online Learning for Everyone (OLE’). OLE’ is a free self-paced web-based course that provides an assessment of key distance learning skills, and validates the fundamental knowledge necessary to start toward success in an the distance learning environment here at Columbus Technical College.

OLE’ will…

  1. Provide you with an indicator of your current readiness for distance learning. If you choose, a copy of the report will be forwarded to the CARE CENTER where you can request assistance in those “soft skill” areas that might affect your level of success.
  2. Provide you with guides and tutorials to help you navigate ANGEL, and use it effectively.
  3. Provide you with the basic administrative procedures and sources of information that are essential for distance learning success here at Columbus Technical College.
  4. Ensure that you can access your Student Email account.

OLE’ is open to anyone considering taking distance learning classes here at Columbus Technical College. To begin your path to distance learning success, click here to go to OLE’.

For additional information, contact the CARE CENTER or Instructional Support Services at