Online Training

Need help with an assignment?  Off campus?  Maybe its late at night, and you are at home doing homework, and need help fast?  Try one of the Masters-level tutors at Smarthinking!

Smarthinking’s online tutoring and writing services are available to support online or on-campus students. Students can connect on demand with an expert tutor for a drop-in session 24 hours a day, schedule an appointment in advance, submit writing for detailed review, or ask a question offline.

Smarthinking doesn’t require any special software installation or equipment. To access the service online, simply click on the Smarthinking link in any of your courses, or use the “FREE ONLINE TUTORING” link in the Academic Support Services organization (in the organization’s menu to the left).  

If you have any questions about Smarthinking, or need any assistance accessing it from Blackboard, please contact the CLICK Student Computer Support Lab located in Patrick Hall Room 132, via phone at 706-641-5020, or via email at  Or, you can contact The Math Support Lab located in Patrick Hall, room P-603, via phone at 706-641-4196 or 706-641-5689, or via email at  The Labs are open Monday through Thursday  8:30AM – 6:30PM.