High School Equivalency Options

High School Equivalency Options

Career Plus HSE

Career Plus High School Equivalency is an exciting, new pilot program that allows students to combine previously earned credits and completed portions of the GED® test with technical college credits to earn their high school equivalency.

•Age 21 and over

•Resident of Georgia

•Enrolled in our adult education program


Kevin Caldwell

Transition Coordinator

Office 706.641.5625 



GED® Testing Overview

The GED test has four sections: Reasoning through Language Arts (Reading and Writing), Mathematical Reasoning, Science, and Social Studies. All four sections will include both academic and workforce contexts.
The Reading through Language Arts (RLA) focus on integrated reading and writing tasks that require test-takers to read complex texts, analyze arguments and use text-based evidence to support reasoning. The RLA test is 75% informational texts and 25% literature. The RLA test consists of US founding documents and the “great conversation”, passage text length of 450 to 900 words, and vocabulary with emphasis on words that appear frequently in a wide variety of disciplines.

The Mathematical Reasoning focus on deep mastery of a core set of quantitative reasoning skills relevant to a wide range of career and post-secondary pathways. The Mathematical test is 45% quantitative problem solving and 55% algebraic problem solving. Some items test procedural skills and fluency as well as problem solving. The test will include statistics and data interpretation standards also on the GED Social Studies and Science. An on-screen scientific calculator (TI-30XS) can be used for most items.

The Science and Social Studies practice reasoning skills drawn from nationally recognized science and social studies curricular standards. Essential science and social studies content topics include what is relevant to the lives of adult test-takers and typical of what is taught in a high school course of study.

The Science test consists of 40% life science, 40% physical science and Earth, and 20% space science. Items will test textual analysis and understanding, data representation as well as problem solving with science content. Each item is aligned to both one science practice and one content topic.

The Social Studies test consists of 50% civics and government, 20% US History, 15% economics and 15% geography and the world. Items will test textual analysis and understanding, data representation and inference skills, as well as problem solving with social studies content. Each item aligned to both one social studies practice and one content topic.

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