Drivers' Education

Drivers' Education

Due to restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, Columbus Technical College is offering the 30 hours Driver's Education course in an online format only. The college will provide the six (6) hours behind-the-wheel training with appropriate health, vehicle sanitizing, and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) protocols.

Why invest in high-priced driving lessons when you can take an affordable,
state-approved drivers' education course at Columbus Technical College?

The course is primarily for teens aged 15-17 to develop the skills needed to become a safe and responsible driver on our roads and meets Georgia’s Joshua’s Law requirements.

All students 15-17 years old are required to complete the Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program (ADAP) through their high school, and also obtain their learner’s permit before registering with Columbus Tech.

This course is appropriate for anyone who is learning to drive, regardless of age. Learner drivers 18 years old or more are NOT required to provide ADAP and School Attendance certifications. They are NOT eligible to apply for the Georgia Drivers' Education Grant Scholarship.

Topics covered:

  • Parent-Child Orientation (for 15-17-year-olds)
  • Managing Risk When Driving
  • Traffic Laws
  • The Effects of Alcohol and Other Drugs on Driving
  • The Effects of Distractions, and Drowsiness on Driving
  • Adverse Driving Conditions and Emergencies
  • 6 Hours Behind-the-Wheel with a Certified Instructor


Course Fee:  $350

Scholarships for 15-17-year-olds available through the GA Driver's Education Commission.


Classes are offered every month, except May (final exams) and December (midterms and holidays) Classes will be held at Columbus Technical College Economic Development Training Center, 928 Manchester Expressway, Columbus, GA.

All students must have a valid Georgia Instructional Permit (CP), also known as a Learner's Permit. Information on how to apply for a Georgia Instructional Permit (CP) is at


To Register visit our Drivers’ Education Registration page.

Parents or guardians and students 18+ years of age can contact Jenny Collins at or 706-641-5265 with any questions. Office location: Portable A