Service Industry Academy

Deana Beauford HeadshotThe Service Industry has long been referred to as a “recession proof” arena. Given the dramatic rise in service industry jobs in the area, Columbus Technical College has been working with local leaders to develop a standardized curriculum that will build a well trained service industry-driven workforce. Students can enter such industries as healthcare, insurance, corporations and hospitality with the skill set needed to provide quality frontline customer service.

Deana W. Beauford
Director, Economic Development

Certified Customer Service Specialist

MKTG 1161 – Service Industry Business

  • Environment Introduction to the Service Industry
  • Learning for Success
  • Positive Work Ethic
  • Customer Service Overview
  • Working Together
  • Introduction to Business Principles
  • Language of Business

MKTG 1162 – Customer Contact Skills

  • Customer Service Face-To-Face
  • Critical Thinking
  • Telephone Service
  • Sales
  • Customer Contact I, II
  • Managing the Difficult Customer
  • Serving the Multicultural Customer

MKTG 1163 – Computer Skills

  • Introduction to Computers
  • Windows / E-Business Software Applications
  • (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint)
  • E-Commerce

MKTG 1164 – Business Skills

  • Business Writing
  • Business Math
  • Managing Change

MKTG 1165 – Personal Effectiveness

  • Positive Image
  • Personal Wellness
  • Job Interview Skills