Check Acceptance Procedure

Check Acceptance Procedure

All checks are processed and subject to approval by Telecheck Services, which converts your paper check into an electronic item at the point of sale. Checks (delivered in-person OR mailed) must meet the following requirements to be accepted by the Business Office:

Identification: Checks require identification. This can be a driver’s license number and state listed on the check; or you may present a driver’s license, military id, or a government purchase identification card when delivering a check.

Name: Your name must be imprinted on the check by the check manufacturer (no starter checks).

Address: Your physical address must be on the check. If a PO Box is printed on your check, write in the full address.

Phone Number: Your home or business phone number, with area code, must be on the check. The phone number may be handwritten.

Financial Institution: The check must be drawn on a U.S., Canadian, Puerto Rican or U.S. Virgin Islands bank.

Check Number: The check number must be imprinted on the check.

Date: The date must be written on the check; no pre- or postdates.

Payable To: The check must be payable to Columbus Technical College.

Amount: The figures and words must agree.

Signature: For personal checks, the signature must reasonably correspond to the name imprinted on the check.  

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