Graduation Information

Congratulations on your intent to graduate from Columbus Technical College!  Please make special note of the following information.

All graduation gowns will be black in color. Additionally, gowns provided prior to December 2012 cannot be used.

A new cap and gown must be purchased.

Graduation Rehearsal

Date:   December 15, 2020

Time:   11:45 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Place:  Columbus Civic Center

You will not need to bring your cap and gown with you to rehearsal.

Graduation Ceremony

            Date:                December 15, 2020

            Arrival Time:     6:00 p.m.

            Ceremony:        7:00 p.m.

            Place:                Columbus Civic Center

  • Graduates need to be at the Columbus Civic Center by 6:00 p.m. to line up for the ceremony. The Commencement Ceremony will begin promptly at 7:00 PM; please be in place for the processional by this time. Students should enter on the left side of the Civic Center to check in at the Registrar’s Office table and receive additional information and instructions. Please ask your guests to be on time; late arrivals interrupt the ceremony.  We want to ensure that this will be a memorable occasion for you and your guests.
  • Congratulations to you! We look forward to your graduation ceremony. If you have any questions about the above information, please call (706) 649-1857 or (706) 649-1278. You are not restricted on the number of guests you may invite and tickets are not needed for your guests to attend.
  • Graduation cap and gowns are purchased from the Campus Store.              

Future Graduates

Students expecting to graduate in future terms may apply for graduation by filling out the graduation application located at the bottom of the page.

Graduation Etiquette

The graduation ceremony is a celebration of each student’s individual achievements. It signifies long, hard work on the part of everyone involved. Many people have worked extremely hard to make this event a dignified and memorable experience in order to celebrate your accomplishments. Students are expected to maintain a measure of decorum appropriate for the occasion. Applause and other recognition of a graduate should be limited. The noise drowns out the announcements of the next graduates, and they are unable to receive the proper recognition that they deserve. Students are not graduated as a group; instead each student receives an individual award and a moment of individual recognition during the walk across the stage. It is a brief moment, but it is personal. Students are expected to return to their seats after receiving their awards and to remain seated for the rest of the ceremony. Please do not diminish anyone by behaving in an inappropriate manner, and thank you for being considerate of all graduates.

Preparing Your Cap and Gown

A few days before the graduation date, take your gown out of its package and place it on a hanger to let the wrinkles fall out of the gown. If the wrinkles are still visible, put the gown on a hanger in a bathroom so that the steam from the shower or tub will help the wrinkles fall out. If you must iron it, place a towel, between the gown and iron to protect the fabric.


Recommended dress code for gentlemen

  • Dark shoes and dark socks
  • Dark slacks
  • White shirt, preferably with a tie

Recommended dress code for ladies

  • Dark shoes, not flip-flops, house shoes, etc.
  • Hose (neutral)
  • Dark skirt with white blouse or dark dress with hemline that does not show under graduation gown
  • Dark pant suit or dark slacks with white blouse

It is advisable to have some safety pins and hair pins available in case of need.

Heavy jewelry should not be worn. No head-dress other than cap (square “mortar board”) is worn, and it sits flat on top of your head.

Leave cell phones (turned off), purses, keys and other hand-carried items with a friend or relative.

Tassels are worn on the left side of the cap before and during the ceremony. At the end of the ceremony, you will be instructed to move your tassel to the right. This is a tradition and must be done as a group.

We look forward to seeing you at Graduation.

Congratulations to each of you!


Please fill out the form below. Required fields are indicated with a * symbol. Thank you.

As a prospective graduate, I understand that:

  1. If requirements for graduation are not met by the semester indicated above, I must re-apply for graduation by completing a new application for program completion.
  2. All financial obligations must be settled with Columbus Technical College before I receive my degree, diploma, or certificate.
  3. My degree, diploma, or certificate will be available for pick-up in approximately 45 days after the end of my graduating semester. A postcard will be mailed!
  4. My account must be cleared of ANY holds before my degree, diploma, or certificate will be issued.
  5. There will be a mandatory non-refundable $40 graduation fee requirement assessed to ALL graduating students.
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If you have a physical disability and require an accommodation for graduation, check all that apply and contact Counseling / Disability services at 706-649-1442, Hartline Bldg. Room# 161.

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