Move On When Ready

Move On When Ready

High School students should contact the High School Coordinator at 706-641-5660.

Are Move On When Ready courses different from regular high school courses?

Move On When Ready (MOWR) is the express lane to a great career! College-level classes provide both college and high school credit. Classes may be offered at your high school, or at our college campus. Move On When Ready is ideal for students planning to pursue a technical program of study. MOWR courses must meet both high school and college curriculum standards. Generally they cover more material than high school courses, and they are taught by a college instructor.

Is Financial Aid available?

For qualified Georgia students, tuition and most fees are covered under the HOPE Grant. For more information on the HOPE program, view the Technical College System of Georgia HOPE Information or contact your school counselor.

*Students below the junior level who are currently in a high school career and technical education course may be eligible to participate in Move On When Ready programs.

Get on the fast track to a Technical Certificate of Credit!

High school freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors in Harris, Muscogee, Talbot, Quitman, Chattahoochee and the Stewart County school systems may participate. Students must successfully meet Columbus Technical College admissions requirements and have permission from their parents. These certifications through MOWR are designed for students planning to pursue a technical program of study after high school.

What programs are available?

Programs include:

  • Automotive Technology
  • Certified Nurse Aid
  • Carpentry
  • Certified Life & Health Insurance Specialist
  • Certified Manufacturing Specialist
  • Customer Service Specialist
  • Cosmetology
  • Criminal Justice Certificate
  • Childhood Development Specialist
  • Emergency Medical Responder
  • General Education Core Classes (English, College Algebra, etc.)
  • Welding

SB2 Alternate Diploma Path

Senate Bill 2 offers an alternate path to high school graduation for students who have completed certain requirements at their high school. In order to participate in SB2 ADP, students must have completed the 10th grade and successfully completed the following courses and all required tests associated with them:

  • 2 English
  • 2 Math
  • 2 Science
  • 2 Social Studies
  • 1 Health/PE

After completion of these courses, students must then complete ONE of the following:

  • Any Columbus Technical College Associate Degree program
  • Any Columbus Technical College Diploma program
  • 2 Columbus Technical College Certificates of Credit:
    • Move on When Ready Technical Certificates of Credit for SB2

      For Computer Programmer sequences, choose either sequence TCCs:

      MCR1 MOWR C++ Programmer  +  MCH1 MOWR C# Programmer


      MOJ1 MOWR Java Programmer  +  MPH1 MOWR PHP Programmer

      For Networking sequence, students must select a TCC from column A and a second TCC from column B:

Column A

  • MO21 MOWR Advanced Comp TIA A+ Cert Tech Preparation

  • MC51 MOWR Comp TIA A+ Certified Preparation

  • MPF1 MOWR Preparation for A+ Certificate

Column B

  • MO41 MOWR Cisco Certified Entry Network Tech

  •  MO51 MOWR Cisco Network Specialist

  •  MO61 MOWR Computer Forensic and Investigation Specialist

  • MO71 MOWR Database Administrator

  • MOH1 MOWR Help Desk Specialist

  • MO31 MOWR Linux/UNIX System Administrator

  • MON1 MOWR Network Technician

  • MO11 MOWR Microsoft Network Administrator

For Welding program sequence, students may select any two from the programs listed below:

  • MB31 MOWR Basic Shielded Arc Welder

  • MGT1 MOWR Gas Tungsten Arc Welder

  • MF61 MOWR Flux Cored Arc Welder

  • MGE1 MOWR Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

  • MGM1 MOWR Gas Metal Arc Welder

  • MS71 MOWR Shielded Metal Arc Welding

  • MGW1 MOWR Gas Metal Arc Welding

Note: All seven MOWR TCCs in Welding require completion of both a diploma level Math and English course. Upon successful completion of the first TCC taken, those two basic skills courses will count towards completion of the second TCC and the student does not have to re-take those two basic skills courses.

For Manufacturing, the following is the sequence of two TCCs:

  • MMM1 MOWR Manufacturing Maintenance Technician
  • MMP1 MOWR Manufacturing Production Assistant


Students interested in pursuing this alternate diploma path option should contact their High School Guidance Counselor or the Columbus Technical College High School Coordinator.